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Baggage Handling

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Image of passenger airplane at gate with baggage carts

Baggage is transported to and from the aircraft at the ramp. Baggage and cargo may be loaded manually or through automated means. When loaded by hand, items are manually transferred to and from carts and stacked into and removed from cargo compartments. Automated systems mechanically move pre-loaded cargo bins into and out of the plane. Working conditions and the environment often limit the ability of a ramp agent to handle baggage. The physical dimensions of equipment, such as carts, belt loaders, and the cargo compartments, force ramp agents into awkward and hazardous postures when handling baggage and cargo. Ice, snow, rain, and other extreme weather conditions can hasten the work pace and create slippery and unstable working conditions. Make a selection from the menu below, as hazards and solutions may vary based on the type of loading system.

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