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Baggage Handling

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Technical Editorial Board


  • OSHA Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management; Washington, DC

Past Contributors:

  • Cheryl Beasley, Manager Corporate Safety, Health & Environment, AirTran Airways; Atlanta, GA
  • Brett Besser, OSHA
  • Linda Christopherson, Manager, Occupational Safety & Health, America West; Phoenix, AZ
  • Cathy Cronin, OSHA
  • Brently Donaldson, OSHA
  • Kristin Fiore, Senior Industrial Hygienist, United Airlines; Chicago, IL
  • Dee Hinckley, JetBlue; Salt Lake City, UT
  • Cindy Keiser, Sr. Safety Analyst, Continental Airlines; Houston, TX
  • Kim McDaniel, Corporate Safety Manager, Southwest Airlines; Dallas, TX
  • Penny Prince, Corporate Ergonomist, American Airlines; Dallas, TX
  • Dana Root, OSHA
  • Tracy Sora, Air Canada
  • Kevin Summerlin, Regional Safety Manager, Continental Airlines; Houston, TX
  • Jim Swartz, Director of Corporate Safety, Delta Airlines; Atlanta, GA
  • Chris Turner, Manager, Occupational & Operational Safety, Alaska Airlines; Seattle, WA
  • Debra Vujasin, Safety Specialist, U.S. Airways; Pittsburgh, PA
  • Ashley West, Manager - Ergonomics, Delta Airlines; Atlanta, GA

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