Comprehensive Presentation on OSHA's New Recordkeeping Rule

The objective of this presentation is to provide an in-depth discussion of OSHA's new recordkeeping rule. This presentation is intended for audiences that require a thorough understanding of the regulation. At the end of the training session, participants should be able to explain the requirements of the regulation.

Instructions for Use: Prior to the training session, it is suggested that instructors review the latest information on the recordkeeping rule. Following is a list of Federal Register Notices and the Compliance Directive.
Instructors should be prepared to take questions from the audience during this presentation. OSHA has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide assistance.

The back of the forms package contains recordkeeping points of contact in your local area. If you are not using this package in your presentation, be prepared to provide the name, telephone number and e-mail of local contacts.

Although time requirements vary, this training session should be approximately four hours long in order to fully cover all the material.

Required Software: Microsoft PowerPoint® 2000 or PowerPoint® Viewer

Handouts: Suggested handouts for this training session include:

These materials are intended to be a resource for instructors and are not a substitute for any of the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 or for any regulations or standards issued by the U.S. Department of Labor. These materials are in the public domain and may be reproduced, fully or partially, without permission of the Federal Government. Source credit is requested but not required.