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Safety and Health Information Bulletins (SHIBs)

A Brief Guide to Mold in the Workplace
(2003, October 10) (English: HTML)

Anaerobic Decomposition in Cooling Water Systems
(1990, March 5) (English: HTML)

Asbestos-Automotive Brake and Clutch Repair Work
(2006, July 26) (English: HTML PDF)

Attaching an Unguarded Blowtorch Regulator to a Portable Propane Cylinder
(1996, October 7) (English: HTML)

Automobile Air Bag Safety
(1990, August 30) (English: HTML)

Avian Influenza Protecting Poultry Workers at Risk
(2004, December 13) (English: HTML PDF)

Avoiding Underground Utilities during Horizontal Directional Drilling Operations
(2018, March 13) (English: HTML)

Bridge Inspection Aerial Platform
(1991, December 31) (English: HTML)

Cabinet Press Pinch Point Hazard
(2003, July 16) (English: HTML PDF)

Calcium Hypochlorite (CaCl2O2)
(1991, November 14) (English: HTML)

Calibrating and Testing Direct-Reading Portable Gas Monitors
(2013, September 30) (English: HTML)

Carbon Monoxide Explosion Hazards in Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking Operations
(2015, December 4) (English: HTML)

Certification of Workplace Products by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories
(2010, February 16) (English: HTML PDF)

Chemical Exposures from Industrial Valve and Piping Systems
(1996, May 14) (English: HTML)

Chemical Grain Fumigant
(2015, January 6) (English: HTML)

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Escape Respirators
(2003, August 29) (English: HTML PDF)

Classification of Ammonium Perchlorate
(1991, September 25) (English: HTML)

Cleaning of Asphalt Truck Hopper with Diesel Fuel
(1995, December 6) (English: HTML)

Communication Tower Guy Anchor Corrosion
(1991, June 12) (English: HTML)

Compactor Rollover Hazard
(2008, September 29) (English: HTML PDF)

Compatibility of Personal Fall Protection System Components
(2003, September 22) (English: HTML PDF)

Condor Aerial Device Outrigger Failure - Time Manufacturing Company's Service Bulletin
(2002, August 12) (English: HTML PDF)

Contracting Occupationally Related Psittacosis
(1994, August 8) (English: HTML)

Corrosion of Piping in Hydroprocessing Units
(1994, July 29) (English: HTML)

Crane Modifications
(1993, April 19) (English: HTML)

Crushing Hazards Associated with Dumpsters and Rear-loading Trash Trucks
(2003, December 9) (English: HTML PDF)

Deaths Involving the Inadvertent Connection of Air-line Respirators to Inert Gas Supplies
(2004, April 27) (English: HTML PDF)

(1991, February 15) (English: HTML)

Disposal of Contaminated Needles and Blood Tube Holders Used for Phlebotomy
(2003, October 15) (English: HTML PDF)

Earth Boring Machines
(1990, June 4) (English: HTML)

Electric Hog Stunning Devices
(1990, October 24) (English: HTML)

Emergency Lowering Procedure for SKYJACK SJM Series Self-Propelled Mobile Work Platforms with Hydraulic Velocity Fuses
(2000, May 23) (English: HTML PDF)

Employees' Exposure to Possible Pinch Point Hazard on Skid Steer Loaders Equipped with Backhoe Attachments
(1986, November 12) (English: HTML)

Employees' Exposure to the Hazard of Being Struck or Run Over By the Wheels of Travel Lifts
(1986, March 5) (English: HTML)

Exposure to Hazards Associated with Temporary Enclosures
(2002, May 30) (English: HTML PDF)

Fire Hazard From Carbon Adsorption Deodorizing Systems
(1997, July 30) (English: HTML)

Fire Hazard of Polyurethane and Other Organic Foam Insulation Aboard Ships and in Construction
(1989, May 10) (English: HTML)

General Respiratory Protection Guidance for Employers and Workers
(2011) (English: HTML)

Guardrail System for Tunnel Form Stripping Platform
(2006, August 8) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazard of Laser Surgery Smoke
(1988, April 11) (English: HTML)

Hazard of Potential Sidewalk Grate System Failure
(2004, December 30) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards Associated with All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) in the Workplace
(2006, August 3) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards Associated with De-Watering of Pipelines
(2004, June 21) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards Associated with Hand-Feeding Bar Straightening Machines
(2004, May 20) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards Associated with Operating Skid-Steer Loaders with Bypassed and/or Improperly Maintained Safety Devices
(2009, January 12) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards Associated with Strand Restraint Devices in Manufacturing Prestressed Concrete Beams
(2004, June 2) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards Associated with Striking Underground Gas Lines
(2003, May) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards Associated with the "Unintended (Double) Cycling" of Mechanical Power Presses
(2010, February 2) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards Associated with Transporting Granite and Marble Slabs
(2005, September 8) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards of Auger Drilling
(2008, April 16) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards of Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) Operations
(2003, August 29) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards of Improper Elevator Controller Wiring
(2004, August 16) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards of Inadequately Securing Hydraulic Excavator Buckets When Using Quick Coupling Devices
(2005, July 22) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards of Manually Lifting Balloon Framed Walls
(2005, November 17) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards of Misusing Wire Form Anchorage Connectors for Fall Protection
(2004, September 1) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards of Operating Unguarded Stone Cutters and Splitters in Landscaping and Other Worksites
(2013, January 25) (English: HTML)

Hazards of Transporting, Unloading, Storing and Handling Granite, Marble and Stone Slabs
(2008, August 12) (English: HTML)

Hazards of Unintended Movement of Dump Truck Body Beds
(2006, September 18) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards of Using Flammable Liquids in Cutting Laminated Glass
(2008, October 6) (English: HTML)

Hazards of Wood Chippers
(2008, April 16) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards when Purging Hydrogen Gas-Cooled Electric Generators
(2016, January 22) (English: HTML PDF)

Hazards while Servicing Light Truck, Automobile, and Other Small Tires
(2004, April 29) (English: HTML PDF)

Hearing Conservation for the Hearing-Impaired Worker
(2005, December 27) (English: HTML PDF)

Hydraulic Systems Modifications
(1991, July 11) (English: HTML)

Hydraulic Systems Preventive Maintenance
(1992, July 14) (English: HTML)

Hydraulic Tractor/Semi-Trailer Dumper Platform
(1986, June 16) (English: HTML)

Improper Installation of Wood Dust Collectors in the Woodworking Industry
(1997, May 2) (English: HTML)

Improper Support of an Elevator Car During Installation
(1995, June 22) (English: HTML)

Innovative Workplace Safety Accommodations for Hearing-Impaired Workers
(2005, July 22) (English: HTML PDF)

Inspection of Suspension-Type Highway Trailers Prior to Loading and Unloading with Powered Industrial Trucks
(2000, July 31) (English: HTML PDF)

Key Switch Controlled Elevating and Rotating Aerial Lifts
(2002, April 11) (English: HTML PDF)

Legionnaires' Disease Risk for Workers in the Plastic Injection Molding Industry
(1998, December 9) (English: HTML)

Limitations of Radiofrequency Presence Sensing Devices
(1987, September 21) (English: HTML)

N-Nitrosamine in the Rubber Industry
(1989, October 10) (English: HTML)

N-Nitroso Compounds in Industry
(1990, March 15) (English: HTML)

Occupational Exposure to Flavoring Substances: Health Effects and Hazard Control
(2010, October 14) (English: HTML)

Operating Hazards of Baler Discharge-Door Locks
(2013, August 13) (English: HTML)

Possible Failure of Metal Halide Lamps
(2000, September 13) (English: HTML PDF)

Potential Asbestos Contamination in Soft Concrete
(1998, October 8) (English: HTML)

Potential Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Asphyxiation Hazard When Filling Stationary Low Pressure CO2 Supply Systems
(1996, June 5) (English: HTML)

Potential Ejection Hazard Associated with High Speed Separators in Rendering Operations
(2001, June 20) (English: HTML PDF)

Potential Fire with Florescent Light Bulbs within Plastic Tubes
(1997, July 15) (English: HTML)

Potential Flammability Hazard Associated with Bulk Transportation of Oilfield Exploration and Production (E&P) Waste Liquids
(2008, March 24) (English: HTML PDF)

Potential for Feed Water Pipes in Electrical Power Generation Facilities to Rupture Causing Hazardous Release of Steam and Hot Water
(1996, October 31) (English: HTML)

Potential for Natural Gas and Coal Dust Explosions in Electrical Power Generating Facilities
(2000, November 6) (English: HTML PDF)

Potential for Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens From Cleaning Needles Used in Allergy Testing Procedures
(1995, September 21) (English: HTML)

Potential for Occupational Exposure to Lyme Disease
(2003, February 11) (English: HTML PDF)

Potential for Sensitization and Possible Allergic Reaction to Natural Rubber Latex Gloves and other Natural Rubber Products
(2008, January 28) (English: HTML PDF)

Potential Hazards Associated With The Refurbishing of Gas Meters
(2001, December 21) (English: HTML PDF)

Potential Hazards Associated with the Use of Replacement Materials for Machine Guarding
(2000, June 23) (English: HTML PDF)

Potential Hazards of Mislabeled Steel Toe Logger Boots
(2004, September 30) (English: HTML PDF)

Potential Health Hazards Associated with Handling Pipe used in Oil and Gas Production
(1989, January 26) (English: HTML)

Potential Over Pressurization of Bromochlorodimethylhydantoin (BCDMH) Treatment Systems
(1994, August 30) (English: HTML)

Precast Concrete Panels-Hazardous Storage
(2004, February 10) (English: HTML PDF)

Preventing Adverse Health Effects from Exposure to Beryllium in Dental Laboratories
(2002, April 19, rev. 05-14-02) (English: HTML PDF)

Preventing and Mitigating the Effects of Fire and Explosions
(2005, July 31) (English: HTML)

Preventing Fire and/or Explosion Injury from Small and Wearable Lithium Battery Powered Devices
(2019, June 20) (English: HTML PDF)

Preventing Hearing Loss Caused by Chemical (Ototoxicity) and Noise Exposure
(2018, March 8) (English: HTML)

Preventing the Uncontrolled Release of Anhydrous Ammonia at Loading Stations
(2005, December 5) (English: HTML PDF)

Proposed Guidance on Workplace Stockpiling of Respirators and Facemasks for Pandemic Influenza
(2008, May 12) (English: PDF)

Protecting Young Workers: Prohibition Against Young Workers Operating Forklifts
(2003, September 30) (English: HTML PDF)

Radiofrequency Radiation-caused Burns
(1990, September 5) (English: HTML)

Remediation Technology and Health Safety Standards: Thermal Desorption
(2003, February 3) (English: HTML PDF)

Remote Control Plant Locomotives
(1988, August 8) (English: HTML)

Rigid Pipe Threading Machines
(1992, August 17) (English: HTML)

Safely Installing, Maintaining and Inspecting Cable Trays
(2009, January 16) (English: HTML PDF)

Safety and Health During International Travel
(2002, April 12) (English: HTML PDF)

Special Purpose Particle Accelerators
(2009, July 31) (English: HTML PDF)

Standup Forklift Under-ride Hazards
(2009, July 27) (English: HTML PDF)

Star ME-1 Dry Fire Sprinklers
(2004, January 7) (English: HTML PDF)

Static Electricity Buildup in Plastic Pipe
(1988, September 30) (English: HTML)

Suspension Trauma/Orthostatic Intolerance
(2004, March 24, updated 2011) (English: HTML PDF)

Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI) Bulletin No. 1 - Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Requirements
(OSHA 3748 - 2014) (English: PDF)

Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI) Bulletin No. 2 - Personal Protective Equipment
(OSHA 3780 - 2015) (English: PDF)

Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI) Bulletin No. 3 - Whistleblower Protection Rights
(OSHA 3781 - 2015) (English: PDF)

Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI) Bulletin No. 4 -Safety and Health Training
(OSHA 3859 - 2016) (English: PDF)

Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI) Bulletin No. 5 -Hazard Communication
(OSHA 3860 - 2016) (English: PDF)

Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI) Bulletin No. 6 - Bloodborne Pathogens
(OSHA 3888 - 2016) (English: PDF)

Temporary Worker Initiative (TWI) Bulletin No. 7 - Powered Industrial Truck Training
(OSHA 3889 - 2016) (English: PDF)

The Potential Hazard Caused By The Deterioration Of Polyethylene Bottles Containing Corrosive Chemical
(1990, April 12) (English: HTML)

The Use of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe in Above ground Installations
(1988, May 20) (English: HTML)

The Use of Thermoplastic Pipe in Above Ground Locations
(1990, December 13) (English: HTML)

Tilt-Up Panel Construction Hazard
(2003, October 15) (English: HTML PDF)

Total Flooding Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguishing System
(2001, December 22) (English: HTML PDF)

Truck Cranes
(1989, May 2) (English: HTML)

Tubular Wire Straining Machine
(1986, May 12) (English: HTML)

Unauthorized Modification of a Forklift Carriage Assembly
(1996, June 20) (English: HTML)

Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
(1990, August 31) (English: HTML)

Use of Blunt-Tip Suture Needles to Decrease Percutaneous Injuries to Surgical Personnel. OSHA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Publication No. 2008-101, (2007, October). Supersedes NIOSH Publication 2007-132. (English: HTML)

Use of Hydrofluoric Acid in the Petroleum Refining Alkylation Process
(1993, November 19) (English: HTML)

Use of Open Containers in Transporting Corrosive Chemicals
(1989, May 23) (English: HTML)

Using Dolly-Type Devices to Spread Flammable Liquid Adhesives on a Roof Can Cause Fires
(2014, March 13) (English: HTML)

Using duct tape with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Hazardous Waste Sites and Related Operations
(1988, April 11) (English: HTML)

Vehicle-mounted Elevating and Rotating Devices
(1990, September 14) (English: HTML)

Water-Reactive Chemicals, Hazardous Materials Not Covered Under 29 CFR 1910.119
(1996, July 3) (English: HTML)

Work Practices Employed by the Electric Utilities Industry Regarding Sulphur Hexaflouride Gas-Insulated Circuit Breakers
(1989, January 30) (English: HTML)

Workplace Precautions Against West Nile Virus
(2003, August 29, updated 8/2012) (English: HTML)

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