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• Part Number: 1956
• Part Title: Plans for State and Local Government Employees without Approved Plans
• Subpart: I
• Subpart Title: Illinois
• Standard Number: 1956.81
• Title: Developmental schedule.

The Illinois State Plan is developmental. The following is a schedule of major developmental steps as provided in the Plan that will be accomplished within three years of plan approval:

Illinois will adopt standards identical to or at least as effective as the applicable existing OSHA standards and revise the Rules of Procedures in Administrative Hearings (56 ILAC 120), clarifying the separation of the enforcement role of the Director of Labor from the adjudicatory role in contested cases, within one year after plan approval.
llinois will update and adopt amendments to the Illinois Administrative Rules (56 ILAC 350) regarding identical standards, variances, inspections, review system for contested cases and employee access to information equivalent to 29 CFR parts 1903, 1905, 1911 and 2200 within two years after plan approval.
Illinois will adopt amendments to rules regarding recordkeeping substantially identical to 29 CFR part 1904 within two years after plan approval.
An annual performance plan will be developed and submitted with the FY 2010 Grant Application. The performance plan will focus on achievement of developmental steps and activity reporting until such time as the program is fully operational, at which point objective, results-oriented performance goals will be established.
Illinois will develop an inspection scheduling system that targets high hazard establishments within two years of plan approval.
Illinois will develop a comprehensive field operations manual that is at least as effective as the Federal Field Operations Manual within two years after plan approval.
Illinois will begin hiring critical program management staff and filling current vacancy positions within 30 days of plan approval.
Illinois will hire the additional Enforcement program field and support staff within two years of plan approval.
Illinois will fully implement and staff a public employer/employee Consultation program equivalent to 29 CFR part 1908, and training and education programs separate from Enforcement, within three years after plan approval.
Illinois will have an authorized compliance staff of 11 Safety Inspectors and 3 Industrial Hygienists (non-supervisory) and a public sector consultation staff of 3 Safety Consultants and 2 Industrial Hygiene Consultants within three years of plan approval.
Illinois and OSHA will develop a plan for joining the OSHA Integrated Management Information System to report State plan activity, including specific information on inspections, consultation visits, etc., in conjunction with OSHA, within six months of plan approval. Illinois will convert to the new OSHA Information System upon its deployment. In the interim, Illinois will provide monthly reports on its activity in an agreed upon format.
Illinois will coordinate with the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to expand the current Illinois survey to provide more detailed injury/illness/fatality rates on State and local government, within two years of plan approval.
Illinois will revise and submit a State poster for posting at all public sector workplaces in the State within one year of plan approval.

[74 FR 45115, Sept. 1, 2009]

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Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents