Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents
• Part Number: 1926
• Part Title: Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
• Subpart: D
• Subpart Title: Occupational Health and Environmental Controls
• Standard Number: 1926.56
• Title: Illumination.


General. Construction areas, ramps, runways, corridors, offices, shops, and storage areas shall be lighted to not less than the minimum illumination intensities listed in Table D-3 while any work is in progress:


 Foot-Candles |            Area of Operation
5............. | General construction area lighting.
3............. | General construction areas, concrete placement,
              |   excavation and waste areas, access ways, active
              |   storage areas, loading platforms, refueling, and
              |   field maintenance areas.
5............. | Indoors: warehouses, corridors, hallways, and
              |   exitways.
5............. | Tunnels, shafts, and general underground work areas:
              |   (Exception: minimum of 10 foot-candles is required
              |   at tunnel and shaft heading during drilling,
              |   mucking, and scaling. Bureau of Mines approved cap
              |   lights shall be acceptable for use in the tunnel
              |   heading)
10............ | General construction plant and shops (e.g., batch
              |   plants, screening plants, mechanical and
              |   electrical equipment rooms, carpenter shops,
              |   rigging lofts and active store rooms, mess halls,
              |   and indoor toilets and workrooms.)
30............ | First aid stations, infirmaries, and offices.


Other areas. For areas or operations not covered above, refer to the American National Standard A11.1-1965, R1970, Practice for Industrial Lighting, for recommended values of illumination.

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Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents