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• Record Type: Coke Oven Emissions and Inorganic Arsenic
• Section: 2
• Title: Section 2 - II. Distribution Table

II. Distribution Table

For the convenience of the public, OSHA is providing a distribution table, below, which shows the section designations of those existing OSHA General Industry rules that are being removed, removed and reserved, and redesignated in this rulemaking action.

Old Section (29 CFR 1910)
New Section (29 CFR 1910)
110(b)(15)(vi) Removed
110(b)(15)(vii) Removed
110(b)(15)(viii) Removed
110(b)(15)(ix) 110(b)(15)(vi)
110(c)(2)(i) 110(c)(2)
110(c)(2)(ii) Removed
110(c)(2)(iii) Removed
110(c)(2)(iv) Removed
110(e)(10) Removed and Reserved
110(g) Removed and Reserved
111(f)(7) Removed and Reserved
111(f)(8) Removed and Reserved
141(a)(2)(i) Removed
141(a)(2)(ii) Removed Paragraph Designation
141(a)(2)(iii) Removed Paragraph Designation
141(a)(2)(iv) Removed Paragraph Designation
141(a)(2)(v) Removed Paragraph Designation
141(a)(2)(vi) Removed Paragraph Designation
141(a)(2)(vii) Removed Paragraph Designation
141(a)(2)(viii) Removed Paragraph Designation
141(a)(2)(ix) Removed Paragraph Designation
141(a)(2)(x) Removed Paragraph Designation
141(a)(2)(xi) Removed Paragraph Designation
142(a)(4) Removed
151 Added Appendix A
156(f)(2)(iii) Removed
183(a) Removed and Reserved
261(a)(3)(ii) Removed
261(a)(3)(iii) 261(a)(3)(ii)
261(a)(3)(iv) Removed
261(a)(3)(v) Removed
261(a)(3)(vi) Removed
261(a)(3)(vii) 261(a)(3)(iii)
261(a)(3)(viii) 261(a)(3)(iv)
261(a)(3)(ix) Removed
261(a)(3)(x) 261(a)(3)(v)
261(a)(3)(xi) Removed
261(a)(3)(xii) Removed
261(a)(3)(xiii) Removed
261(a)(3)(xiv) 261(a)(3)(vi)
261(a)(3)(xv) Removed
261(a)(3)(xvi) 261(a)(3)(vii)
261(a)(3)(xvii) Removed
261(a)(3)(xviii) Removed
261(a)(3)(xix) Removed
261(a)(3)(xx) Removed
261(a)(3)(xxi) 261(a)(3)(viii)
261(a)(3)(xxii) Removed
261(a)(3)(xxiii) 261(a)(3)(ix)
261(a)(3)(xxiv) Removed
261(a)(3)(xxv) Removed
261(a)(3)(xxvi) Removed
261(a)(3)(xxvii) Removed
261(b)(1) Removed
261(b)(2) Removed
261(b)(3) Removed
261(b)(4) 261(b)(1)
261(b)(5) Removed
261(b)(6) Removed
261(b)(7) 261(b)(2)
261(c)(2)(vi) Removed
261(c)(2)(vii) Removed
261(c)(2)(viii) 261(c)(2)(vi)
261(c)(6)(i) 261(c)(6)
261(c)(6)(ii) Removed
261(c)(7)(i) 261(c)(7)
261(c)(7)(ii) Removed
261(d)(1)(i) 261(d)(1)
261(d)(1)(ii) Removed
261(e)(3) Removed and Reserved
261(e)(7) Removed and Reserved
261(e)(9) Removed and Reserved
261(g)(1)(iv) Removed
261(g)(1)(v) 261(g)(1)(iv)
261(g)(2)(i) Removed
261(g)(2)(ii) 261(g)(2)(i)
261(g)(2)(iii) 261(g)(2)(ii)
261(g)(15)(iv) Removed
261(g)(15)(v) 261(g)(15)(iv)
261(g)(15)(vi) Removed
261(h)(2)(iii) Removed
261(h)(2)(iv) 261(h)(2)(iii)
261(j)(1)(iv) Removed and Reserved
261(j)(3) Removed and Reserved
261(j)(4)(ii) Removed
261(j)(4)(iii) 261(j)(4)(ii)
261(j)(4)(iv) 261(j)(4)(iii)
261(j)(4)(v) 261(j)(4)(iv)
261(j)(4)(vi) 261(j)(4)(v)
261(j)(5)(iv) Removed
261(j)(6)(ii) Removed
261(j)(6)(iii) 261(j)(6)(ii)
261(k)(2)(i) Removed
261(k)(2)(ii) 261(k)(2)(i)
261(k)(2)(iii) 261(k)(2)(ii)
261(k)(2)(iv) 261(k)(2)(iii)
261(k)(2)(v) 261(k)(2)(iv)
261(k)(2)(vi) 261(k)(2)(v)
261(k)(4) Removed and Reserved
261(k)(16) Removed and Reserved
261(m)(2) Removed and Reserved
261(m)(4) Removed and Reserved
261(m)(5)(i) Removed
261(m)(5)(ii) Removed
261(m)(5)(iii) 261(m)(5)
262(c)(3) Removed and Reserved
262(c)(4) Removed and Reserved
262(gg) Removed and Reserved
262(ll)(1) Removed
262(ll)(2) 262(ll)
262(qq)(1) Removed
262(qq)(2) Removed
262(rr) Removed
265(a)(1) 265(a)
265(a)(2) Removed
265(c)(3)(i) Removed and Reserved
265(c)(10) Removed and Reserved
265(c)(14) Removed and Reserved
265(c)(16) Removed and Reserved
265(c)(17) Removed and Reserved
265(c)(22) Removed and Reserved
265(c)(24)(iv)(a) Removed
265(c)(24)(iv)(b) 265(c)(24)(iv)
265(c)(24)(iv)(c) Removed
265(c)(26)(i) Removed and Reserved
265(c)(30)(vi) Removed and Reserved
265(c)(30)(x) Removed and Reserved
265(e)(3)(ii)(d) Removed and Reserved
265(f)(9) Removed
265(g) Removed
265(h) Removed
265(i) Removed
267 Removed and Reserved
268(f) Removed and Reserved
1017(g)(5)(i) Removed
1017(g)(5)(ii) Removed
1017(g)(6) 1017(g)(5)
1017(g)(7) 1017(g)(6)
1018(n)(2)(ii)(C) Removed
1018(n)(2)(ii)(D) 1018(n)(2)(ii)(C)
1018(q)(2)(iii)(F) Removed
1018(q)(2)(iii)(G) Removed
1018(q)(2)(iii)(H) Removed
1018 App C, Section I, General Removed "(4) A sputum cytology examination;"
1018 App C, Section I, General Redesignated paragraph 5 as paragraph 4
1018 App C, Section I, General Removed entire section entitled "III. Sputum cytology"
1029(j)(2)(vii) Removed
1029(j)(2)(viii) 1029(j)(2)(vii). Added new 1029(j)(3)(iv)
1029(j)(3)(iv) 1029(j)(3)(v)

Regulations (Preambles to Final Rules) - Table of Contents Regulations (Preambles to Final Rules) - Table of Contents