#303 - Johnson & Johnson (#303)

Date Signed:
July 23, 2003
Date Concluded:
September 30, 2006
Contact Information:
Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs, (202) 693-2213
Partnership Overview:

The OSHA Strategic Partnership (OSP) will serve as a roadmap to help achieve OSHA's and Johnson & Johnson's (J&J) common goal - the enhancement of occupational safety and health for J&J and America's workers. The major focus of the OSP is the reduction in incidence and severity of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). The effort is consistent with J&J's corporate goal to affect injury- and illness-free workplaces.

Partnership Goals:
  • Identify and communicate an effective process (guide) to develop and implement successful ergonomics programs and guidelines
  • Identify at least three J&J ergonomic best practices and related training materials in each of the following three J&J divisions: pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer goods
  • Reduce the incidence and severity of MSDs at J&J participating company facilities
  • Share J&J best practices in ergonomics with other J&J facilities, like industries and the public
Partnership Objectives:
  • Establish a cooperative effort to develop policies, practices, and processes designed to reduce the incidence and severity of MSDs that are associated with the performance of work tasks posing ergonomic risk factors
  • Identify best practices for the development and implementation of successful ergonomics programs and guidelines
  • Communicate best practices among all J&J facilities, employers and workers in related industries, and with the public, as appropriate
Partnership Results:
  • Participating J&J sites continued to have extremely low ergonomic injury and illness rates as well as continuing low total injury and illness rates over the span of the partnership
  • The number of Ergonomic cases resulting in days away, restricted and or transferred cases (DART) resulted in a rate of .01
  • By 2004, over 60% of all participating J&J sites had a DART incidence rate of 0.0.