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March 4th
OSHA Listens: Occupation Safety and Health Administration Stakeholder Meeting
FRN: OSHA-2010-0004

NAME COMPANY Regulations.gov Document ID
Broderick, Tom  Construction Safety Council OSHA-2010-0004-0131
Cook, Roger Western New York Council on Occupational Safety and Health, Executive Director  OSHA-2010-0004-0132
DeJesus-Morillo, Wanda  Family Member of a Victim of Unsafe Work Environments (Juan Pablo Morillo) OSHA-2010-0004-0133
Engler, Rick  New Jersey Work Environment Council, Director  OSHA-2010-0004-0134
Ford, Tonya Family Member of a Victim of Unsafe Work Environments (Robert Fitch) OSHA-2010-0004-0135
Freedman, Marc  Executive Director, Labor Law Policy  OSHA-2010-0004-0136
Frumin, Eric  Workers United/SEIU OSHA-2010-0004-0137
Giraldo, Luzdary   New York Committee for Occupational Safety & Health, Safety & Health Immigrant Project Coordinator OSHA-2010-0004-0138
Harned, Karen R.  National Federation of Independent Business, Small Business Legal Center, Executive Director OSHA-2010-0004-0139
Hilton, Cynthia  Institute of Makers of Explosives, Executive Vice President OSHA-2010-0004-0140
Inclima, Rick Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division - Teamster Rail Conference OSHA-2010-0004-0141
King, Melissa Family Member of a Victim of Unsafe Work Environments (Paul King) OSHA-2010-0004-0142
Kirkland, Katherine H.  Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics, Executive Director OSHA-2010-0004-0143
Koehler-Fergen, Debi  Family Member of a Victim of Unsafe Work Environments (Travis Wayne Koehler) OSHA-2010-0004-0144
Kolanz, Marc  Brush Wellman Inc., Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety OSHA-2010-0004-0145
Lapham, Bruce Valcourt Building Services, Executive Director for Compliance Programs OSHA-2010-0004-0146
Layne, Davis  Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association, Inc., Executive Director  OSHA-2010-0004-0147
Lipscomb, Hester  Duke University, Epidemiologist and a Professor in the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine OSHA-2010-0004-0148
Masarick, John  Independent Electrical Contractors, Director of Safety, Codes, and Workforce Development OSHA-2010-0004-0149
McPhaul, Kathleen M.  American Public Health Association, Chair of Occupational Health and Safety Section  OSHA-2010-0004-0150
Miser, Tammy  Family Member of a Victim of Unsafe Work Environments (Shawn Boone) OSHA-2010-0004-0151
Miser, Tammy  United Support & Memorial For Workplace Fatalities, Executive Director OSHA-2010-0004-0152
Mokadam, Dinkar and Witkowski, Christopher
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO OSHA-2010-0004-0153
Morawetz, John S.  International Chemical Workers Union Council, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union OSHA-2010-0004-0154
Mugno, Scott A.  FedEx Express, Managing Director of Corporate Safety, Health and Fire Protection OSHA-2010-0004-0155
Neitzel, Rick  National Hearing Conservation Association, President OSHA-2010-0004-0156
O'Connor, Tom  Protecting America’s Workers Alliance and the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health OSHA-2010-0004-0157
Patton, Chris American Society of Safety Engineers, President OSHA-2010-0004-0158
Pflanz,Norman  Nebraska Appleseed Center for Law in the Public Interest, Stafff Attorney OSHA-2010-0004-0159
Reinstein, Linda  Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, Co-Founder and Executive Director OSHA-2010-0004-0160
Renner, Richard R.  National Whistleblowers Center, Legal Director OSHA-2010-0004-0161
Rodriguez, Katherine  Family Member of a Victim of Unsafe Work Environments (Ray Gonzalez) OSHA-2010-0004-0162
Sandherr, Stephen E. The Associated General Contractors of America, Chief Executive Officer OSHA-2010-0004-0163
Schneider, Scott  Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America OSHA-2010-0004-0164
Sharp, Tim Alaska OSH Review Board, Past Chairman OSHA-2010-0004-0165
Slavin, Thomas J.   Navistar Inc., Global Safety and Health Director on behalf of the American Foundry Society OSHA-2010-0004-0166
Smith, Keith  National Association of Manufacturers, Director of Employment and Labor Policy OSHA-2010-0004-0167
Steinzor, Rena and
Shudtz, Matthew
Center for Progressive Reform OSHA-2010-0004-0168
Trahan, Chris Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO OSHA-2010-0004-0169
Trippler, Aaron The American Industrial Hygiene Association  OSHA-2010-0004-0170
Villarejo, Don California Institute for Rural Studies, Founder and Director Emeritus OSHA-2010-0004-0171
Villarejo, Don California Institute for Rural Studies, Founder and Director Emeritus OSHA-2010-0004-0171.1
Vossenas, Pamela  UNITE HERE, Health and Safety Specialist OSHA-2010-0004-0172
White, Frank ORC OSHA-2010-0004-0173
Youpel, Andrew Brandenburg Industrial Service Company OSHA-2010-0004-0174
Zuckerman, Jason M. The Employment Law Group OSHA-2010-0004-0175

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