Additional World Trade Center Information
Final Report - WTC Dust Cleaning Program [PDF 160 KB]
Saving Lives at the World Trade Center
Monitoring and Sampling Results Summaries
Detailed Results: [Asbestos | Silica | Metals | Organics]

Photo of World Trade Center SiteNews Releases on activities at WTC Site:
  • Chao statement on conclusion...(05/30/2002)
  • Chao launches lartnership To protect...(11/20/2001)
  • EPA/OSHA offer air monitoring data...(10/03/2001)
  • OSHA providing safety and health aid to rescue workers...(09/25/2001)
  • OSHA/EPA reassure public about contamination fears...(09/14/2001)
  • OSHA pitching in to assist with worker safety, asbestos testing...(09/14/2001)
  • Summaries of OSHA Activities at the WTC site [more...]
  • Professional organizations offering voluntary assistance to business and workers [more...]
  • Asbestos and Other Hazards-Information to Help Protect Workers. [more...]