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   WTC OSHA Non-Asbestos Sampling Data for Northwest Area

WTC OSHA Organic Monitoring Data

Results are in ppm (parts per million), P, or in mg/m3, M.

Date Sampling# Task/Operation Sample Type Substance Duration (min.) TWA Result(ppm or mg/m3) PEL(ppm or mg/m3)
03/09/02 915145668  DOCKBUILDER  Personal Formaldehyde 180 0.0000P 0.75P
03/09/02 915145676  DOCKBUILDER  Personal Formaldehyde 441 0.0000P 0.75P
02/20/02 913754834  AREA SAMPLE  Area Chlorodifluoromethane 280 0.0000P No PEL
02/20/02 913754842  AREA SAMPLE  Personal Chlorodifluoromethane 275 0.0000P No PEL
11/17/01 915027346  AREA SAMPLE  Area Benzo (alpha) Pyrene 202 0.0000M *
11/17/01 915027346  AREA SAMPLE  Area Chrysene 202 0.0000M *
11/17/01 915027346  AREA SAMPLE  Area Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles (benzene soluble fraction) 202 0.0000M 0.20M
11/01/01 914324843  LABORER/CUTTER  Personal Vinyl Chloride 324 0.0000P 1.00P
11/01/01 914324850  EXCAVATOR OPERATOR  Personal Vinyl Chloride 324 0.0000P 1.00P
10/13/01 914451752    Area Vinyl Chloride 340 0.0000P 1.00P
10/12/01 914451364    Area Vinyl Chloride 60 0.0000P 1.00P
10/12/01 914451737  LABORER CLEANUP  Personal Vinyl Chloride 64 0.0000P 1.00P
09/30/01 20010930S1  TORCH CUTTER/BURNING  Personal Benzene 170 0.0960P 1.00P
09/30/01 914576095  EXCAVATOR OPERATOR/OPERATING ENGINEER  Personal Benzene 215 0.0000P 1.00P

* Coal-tar-pitch Volatile's standard is exceeded only if the following conditions are met:
1. The volatile emissions are from distillation residues of coal, petroleum, wood, or other organic matter, and
2. Volatile emissions are found to contain more than 0.2 mg/M3 of benzene-soluble material and
3. Laboratory analysis by mass spectrometry of the benzene-soluble fraction confirms the presence of benzo(a)pyrene and/or one or more of five additional fused polycyclic hydrocarbons: anthracene, acridine, pyrene, chrysene and phenanthrene.
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