How do I calculate my recordable incidence rate if I have under 100 employees? Currently I take the number of incidence X 200,000 divided by Hours worked. Could I divide the 200,000 by the actual number of employees to ensure that I don't get a falsely bloated incidence rate?

The 200,000 hours in the formula represents the equivalent of 100 employees working 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, and provides the standard base for the incidence rates. This constant is used to calculate incidence rates per 100 FTE to show the relative level of injuries and illnesses among firms of different employment size groups. In other words, the constant divided by the Hours Worked figure normalizes your firm size so comparisons can be made. This holds true for establishments with less than 100 workers as well as establishment with more than 100 workers. You should not change the constant if you are going to compare your establishment incidence rate to the BLS industry rates.

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