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    Implementation of the Equal Access to Justice Act
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    2204 Subpart B
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    Information Required From Applicants
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    Net worth exhibit.
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Each applicant except a qualified tax-exempt organization or cooperative association shall provide with its application a detailed exhibit showing the net worth of the applicant as of the date specified by 2204.105(c). The exhibit may be in any form convenient to the applicant that provides full disclosure of the applicant's assets and liabilities and is sufficient to determine whether the applicant qualifies under the standards in this part. The Commission may require an applicant to file additional information to determine its eligibility for an award.
The net worth exhibit shall be included in the public record of the proceeding except as provided in paragraph (b)(2) of this section.

An applicant that objects to public disclosure of information in any portion of the exhibit and believes there are legal grounds for withholding it from disclosure may submit that portion of the exhibit in a sealed envelope labeled "Confidential Information," accompanied by a motion to withhold the information from public disclosure. The motion shall describe the information sought to be withheld and explain, in detail, why it falls within one or more of the specific exemptions from mandatory disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(1)-(9), why public disclosure of the information would adversely affect the applicant, and why disclosure is not required in the public interest. The material in question shall be served on the Secretary but need not be served on any other party to the proceeding. If the Commission finds that the information should not be withheld from disclosure, it shall be placed in the public record of the proceeding. Otherwise, any request to inspect or copy the exhibit shall be disposed of in accordance with the Commission's procedures under the Freedom of Information Act, part 2201.