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    Advisory Committees on Standards
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    Representation on section 7(b) committees.
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Any advisory committee appointed by the Assistant Secretary under section 7(b) of the Act shall contain the following:
At least one member who is a designee of the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare;
At least one member who is qualified by experience and affiliation to present the viewpoint of the employers involved, and at least one member who is similarly qualified to present the viewpoint of the employees involved. There shall be an equal number of representatives of employers and employees involved; and
At least one representative of State health and safety agencies.
The advisory committee may include such other persons as the Assistant Secretary may appoint who are qualified by knowledge and experience to make a useful contribution to the work of the committee, including one or more representatives of professional organizations of technicians or professionals specializing in occupational safety or health and one or more persons of nationally recognized standards-producing organizations, but the number of persons so appointed shall not exceed the number of persons appointed as representatives of Federal and State agencies.
Each committee shall consist of not more than 15 members.

The representation in the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health is described in § 1912.3.