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    Advisory Committees on Standards
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    Termination of advisory committees; renewal.
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Every standards advisory committee established under section 7(b) of the Act shall terminate not later than 2 years after its charter has been filed, unless its charter is renewed by appropriate action for a successive period of not more than 2 years. The procedure for renewal shall be the same as that specified in paragraph (b) of this section.
Each advisory committee established under section 7(b) of the Act which is in existence on January 5, 1973, shall terminate by January 5, 1975, unless it is renewed before the latter date. Before any advisory committee can be renewed, the Assistant Secretary must determine that such renewal is necessary, and so inform the Department of Labor's Committee Management Officer. The OMB Secretariat must be informed of this determination and the reasons for it. Such determination shall be made not more than 60 days before the scheduled date of termination. If the OMB Secretariat concurs, a new charter shall be filed renewing the advisory committee and a notice of the renewal shall be published in the FEDERAL REGISTER.
Unless provided otherwise by the Assistant Secretary, the duration of a subgroup of a committee shall not be longer than that of the parent committee.
No advisory committee required to file a new charter under this section shall take any action (other than the preparation and filing of charter) before the date on which the charter is filed.