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    State Plans for the Development and Enforcement of State Standards
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    1902 Subpart D
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    Procedures for Determinations Under section 18(e) of the Act
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    General notice.
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Whenever the Assistant Secretary proposes to revoke an affirmative 18(e) determination, he shall publish a notice in the FEDERAL REGISTER meeting the requirements of the remaining paragraphs of this section. No later than 10 days following the publication of the notice in the FEDERAL REGISTER, the affected State agency shall publish, or cause to be published, reasonable notice within the State containing the same information.
The notice shall indicate the reasons for the proposed action.
The notice shall afford interested persons including the affected State, an opportunity to submit in writing, data, views, and arguments on the proposal within 35 days after publication of the notice in the FEDERAL REGISTER. The notice shall also provide that any interested person may request an informal hearing concerning the proposed revocation whenever particularized written objections thereto are filed within 35 days following publication of the notice in the FEDERAL REGISTER. If the Assistant Secretary finds that substantial objections have been filed, he shall afford an informal hearing on the proposed revocation under §1902.50.
The Assistant Secretary may, upon his own initiative, give notice of an informal hearing affording an opportunity for oral comments concerning the proposed revocation.