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    State Plans for the Development and Enforcement of State Standards
  • Subpart:
    1902 Subpart C
  • Subpart Title:
    Procedures for Submission, Approval and Rejection of State Plans
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    Opportunity for modifications and clarifications.
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The Assistant Secretary may afford the State an opportunity to modify or clarify its plan on the basis of any comments received under §1902.11 or §1902.13, before commencing a proceeding to reject the plan. In this connection, the State may informally discuss any issues raised by such comments with the staff of the Office of Federal and State Operations. The Assistant Secretary may afford an additional opportunity for public comment, particularly when such an opportunity would not unduly delay final action on the plan and when the comments could be expected to elicit new relevant matter.

[38 FR 12605, May 14, 1973]