2009 Susan Harwood Grant Awardees

Organization Name City State Funding Amount Targeted Topic Subtopic
Asian Immigrant Women Advocates, Inc. Oakland CA $232,104 Other Ergonomics
The organization will offer ergonomic training to Asian immigrant women to identify basic workplace hazards and practice injury prevention and mitigation techniques. Recruiting will focus on reaching small businesses in multiple low-wage industries including dry cleaning, electronic assembly, packaging, food service, and home health care. Training will be offered in Chinese and Korean and will target the key underserved limited English-speaking, low-literacy Asian audience.
Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association San Diego CA $249,973 Other Maritime
The Association will develop and deliver 8-hour Shipyard Safety Hazards training to small subcontractors working primarily in four Master Ship Repair yards located in the San Diego Bay area. The presentation and participant manuals will be developed in English and Spanish. The training content includes confined space, electrical hazards, working surfaces, and personal protective equipment All training materials will be placed on the Association’s web site.
State Building and Construction Trades Council of California Sacramento  CA $249,968 Construction Industry  Focus Four Construction Hazards
The Council will provided train-the-trainer and hazard awareness sessions addressing the Focus Four hazards in the construction industry. Six 2-day trainer sessions will be conducted for 120 trainers at work sites and in apprenticeship classes in English and Spanish. The council will also conduct 20 - 28 hazard awareness seminars lasting between 2 and 4 hours each for a variety of audiences working in construction, reaching 300 attendees.
Laborers-AGC Education & Training Fund Pomfret Center  CT $206,400  Construction Industry Work Zone Safety
Laborers-AGC will conduct four-hour construction work zone flagger safety classes at 21 of their affiliated training sites for construction craft laborers. The training will focus on personal safety, proper signaling procedures, work zone positioning, and flagger responsibilities. The classes will be conducted in English and Spanish and will reach approximately 5,700 construction workers.
Academy For Educational Development    Washington DC $230,000 General Industry Emergency Preparedness & Response
The Academy will address Emergency Preparedness and Response including Pandemic Flu and Continuity of Operations through a training and technical assistance program for hard to reach employers and workers in home health care, assisted living, nursing home and acute care settings. The training will consist of two components: 1) train-the-trainer; and 2) training activities for front-line workers. Curriculum will be conducted and written in both English and Spanish. Training materials will be written in a lower-literacy format and supported by culturally competent illustrations.
Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs Washington  DC $300,000  Other Heat Stress Exposure
The Association will develop two different train-the-trainer programs. One program will be developed in a bilingual, low literacy, culturally appropriate training format for migrant and seasonal farm workers on awareness and prevention of heat stress illness and fatalities. The second program will be a training course and manual targeted to growers and agricultural employers covering necessary information and tools to mitigate the risk of heat related incidents and to improve their ability to comply with the law. Trainers will provide both courses in multiple states.
Graphic Communications Conference/IBT Washington  DC $270,331 General Industry Materials Handling
The organization will train worker-trainers in the Small Group Activity Method to conduct Materials Handling safety awareness training for co-workers. Ongoing trainer support will be provided to the worker-trainers to assist them in conducting training in the field for workers, supervisors, and managers. In addition rank and file leaders will receive training at regional conferences. Materials Handling workbook factsheets will be translated into Spanish.
Roofers and Waterproofers Research and Education Joint Trust Washington DC $73,048 Construction Industry Focus Four Construction Hazards
The Roofers will expand the bilingual Safety and Health for Roofers training program previously developed under a Harwood grant by adding and upgrading interactive demonstrations and materials. Training classes will be presented in four cities for 200 new apprentices to pilot the new struck-by/caught-in-between hazard materials and enhancements to the fall protection and electrical modules. Two 4-hour train-the-trainer webinars will be conducted for 12 trainers on the new training materials.
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union     Washington DC $150,073 General Industry Process Safety Management
The Union will develop and deliver Process Safety Management anhydrous ammonia training to workers, stewards/union representatives, and management in UFCW-represented meatpacking, poultry, and food processing plants. The training will be developed in English and Spanish to meet the needs of the various target populations.
University of Florida   Gainesville FL $128,726 General Industry Safety & Health Management Systems
The University will develop and conduct one-day long classes on how to integrate the ANSI Z10 Occupational Safety and Health Management System into existing ISO management systems. OSHA guidelines and the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program will be discussed and common manufacturing chemical exposures will be highlighted. The training will target small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that already have ISO quality or environmental management system certifications. The course will also be posted on the University’s website with a voice-over version of the training to replicate the information delivered in the classes.
Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation     Atlanta GA $270,052 Other Electrical Safety
Georgia Tech will build upon existing training materials to develop two electrical safety training modules – one for managers and one for maintenance workers and contractors. Electrical safety materials will address shock, arc flash, and arc blast hazards from performing maintenance-related activities and will include case studies and exercises. The materials will be developed in English with key concepts translated into Spanish.
The University of Georgia     Athens GA $250,000 General Industry Landscaping & Tree Service Safety
The University will utilize training materials developed under a previous Harwood grant to provide bilingual training to landscape workers at workplaces and managers at trade shows. The University will also enhance their bilingual online video landscape safety training series by adding pictorial questions and evaluation components for online training. Four bilingual hands-on training sessions will be conducted for Atlanta-area tree service workers on chain saws, tree climbing and equipment, tree rigging and removal, and safe ground operations.
Construction Safety Council Hillside IL $250,000 Construction Industry Health Hazards in Construction
The Council will develop training materials in plain English and Spanish addressing health hazards found on most construction sites. A train-the-trainer course will be conducted to train new trainers to deliver a health hazard training program. Training content will include air sampling, available controls, the hazard communication standard, and worker rights. Council trainers and new trainers will conduct training for construction workers nationwide.
Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center Peoria  IL $300,000  General Industry Health Hazards in General Industry
The IMEC will develop safety and health training addressing targeted to small businesses primarily involved in manufacturing and related industries (automotive, aerospace, and construction equipment) in Illinois. Training will specifically address health hazards in general industry, including Isocyanates and Metal Working Fluids. Although training will focus on metal working fluids and Isocyanates, information will be transferable to all chemicals. The planned program will include on-site safety assessments, classroom training, a follow-up evaluation and assistance visit for both workers and employers and an optional train-the-trainer component. Training materials will be provided to participating companies on CD-ROM and will be posted on IMEC’s website.
Kansas State University     Manhattan KS $153,762 General Industry Landscaping & Tree Service Safety
The University will use grant training materials developed under a previous Harwood training grant. The materials were developed at an eigth-grade reading level in English/Spanish and include two-way dialogue, problem solving, demonstrations, hands-on and case studies. Twenty classes will be conducted at workplaces, trade shows, and other venues. The training length and content will vary to address needs of each trainee group. Available topics include hearing protection, tree-trimming safety, mowing safety, safety program management; and additional training topics can be added.
International Union, UAW     Detroit MI $248,643 General Industry Health Hazards in General Industry
The UAW will update existing curricula addressing metal working fluid hazard recognition and prevention training to include the latest information. The new training materials will be translated into Spanish. Training will be targeted to UAW-represented small businesses, workers in high-risk occupations who have potential exposure to metal working fluids, and to vulnerable, at-risk workers. A train-the-trainer program will be presented to worker-trainers. Ongoing technical assistance will be provided to local unions and employers.
Hennepin Technical College   Eden Prairie MN $258,120 Construction Industry Crane Safety
The College will develop curriculum for a four-hour Midwest Mobile Crane Rigging Safety Training Program. Fifty classes will be conducted in a five-state area for small construction companies in the upper Midwest. The mobile crane training will include information on hoists, slings, rigging, materials handling, and the applicable OSHA standards. The courses will include hands-on training and interactive training elements.
North Dakota Safety Council     Bismarck ND $126,204 Construction Industry Work Zone Safety
The Safety Council will deliver five types of training courses for roadway construction workers throughout the state of North Dakota. Courses include traffic control for the worker, traffic control for the supervisor, highway equipment, work zone emergency preparation, and an online flagger module. While most of the training content and materials are in-place, the Council plans to convert the flagger work book into a web-based training module. A two-hour flagger program will also be offered online.
Work Environment Council of New Jersey Trenton NJ $250,000  General Industry Process Safety Management
The Council will build and expand upon the Process Safety Management (PSM) training it is conducting under a previously-awarded Harwood grant. Training of varying lengths will be conducted reaching 630 workers and managers of New Jersey facilities regulated by the PSM standard. In addition, PSM information will be distributed in English and Spanish to 3,000 workers and supervisors at PSM facilities via PSM Awareness Day programs.
Board of Regents, NSHE, obo University of Nevada, Las Vegas     Las Vegas NV $287,674 Construction Industry Fall Protection
The University will conduct Construction Fall Protection training in English and Spanish for construction laborers. The training will be conducted in two four-hour segments on weekday nights; one session is classroom-based, the other is hands-on using a simulation model to address prevention of construction falls in real-life conditions and situations. The University will partner with a local Laborers affiliate for recruiting students.
Restaurant Opportunities Centers United    New York NY $275,000 Other Ergonomics
Restaurant Opportunities Centers United plans to provide training to small restaurant employers in various locations including Chicago, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, DC. The proposed work plan includes conducting train-the-trainer curriculum in multiple languages, a peer education program, and an employer education program as well as developing local health and safety committees for ongoing workers and employer education. It is projected that 50 small restaurant employers and 2,000 restaurant workers will receive training addressing ergonomic guidelines for the restaurant industry.
The American Institute of Chemical Engineers    New York NY $173,813 Other Alternative Energy Industry Hazards
The American Institute of Chemical Engineers will develop and conduct an online, web-based training course to teach process safety concepts in the biofuels sector. The two-hour online training course will include an introduction to key process safety (PS) concepts in the biofuels sector, how to perform a hazard evaluation analysis, conduct management of change, and writing safe operating procedures. Training will be conducted in an interactive case study and a course booklet of key lessons in PS as it relates to the biofuels industry and operations will be developed and will be made available upon course completion via the organization’s website.
Western New York Council on Occupational Safety and Health    Buffalo NY $230,000 Other Ergonomics
The Council will work with another COSH organization to develop and conduct a Nursing Home Safe Patient Handling and Movement Ergonomics Training Project. Training will be conducted in varying lengths for various training audiences and will include a train-the-trainer model. It is projected that 700 health care workers will receive training through this project.
Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and Health     Philadelphia PA $277,456 Construction Industry Fall Protection
Philaposh will build upon bilingual training materials developed under a previous Harwood grant. The PowerPoint presentation and instructor and trainee manuals will be revised to include a section on steel erection. Forty-five four-hour training sessions will be conducted for small trade contractors, new laborers, and Spanish-speaking construction workers.
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus     Rio Piedras PR $198,393 General Industry Combustible Dust
The University will adapt some existing materials and develop a PowerPoint presentation, handouts and a reference pocket guide on combustible dust hazards. The materials will cover awareness, mitigation and control, and related standards and guidelines, and will be developed in a low literacy English/Spanish format. Approximately 90 to 100 two-hour bilingual awareness training sessions will be conducted for manufacturing companies in Puerto Rico for agriculture, food processing, wood products, furniture, plastics and metal fabrication.
Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc, Central TX Chapter     Austin TX $238,986 Construction Industry Safety Hazards related to Mechanized, Over-the-Road and Heavy Construction Equipment
The Associated Builders and Contractors will conduct one-day seminars on the potential hazards of roller/compactors and related heavy construction equipment. Plain language materials designed for vulnerable target groups will be developed and include flash cards and a bilingual workbook with pictographs. Training will be presented in five major metro areas and 15 remote areas of Texas. Ten training sessions will be conducted in Spanish.
Hispanic Contractors Association de San Antonio, Inc.     San Antonio TX $250,000 Other OSHA Recordkeeping Process
The Association will deliver OSHA recordkeeping training to construction companies and workers within the state of Texas in English and Spanish. The training will be presented through various events such as safety marathons, public forums, and training classes, reaching 840 workers and employers.
The University of Texas at Arlington     Arlington TX $238,000 General Industry Emergency Preparedness & Response
The University will continue to build upon and offer training courses currently being conducted under a previously-funded Harwood grant. The program will be expanded to a 12-hour Occupational Safety and Health Course for Healthcare Professionals throughout OSHA Region 6. The course will be delivered at 21 sites across the region addressing emergency preparedness topics for healthcare workers - specifically for those associated with pandemic influenza conditions. Training is suited for a broad range of workers in a variety of healthcare settings such as first responders, RNs, technicians, aides, administrative personnel, social workers, laboratory employees, EMS personnel, food service providers, and housekeeping staff.
Timber Products Manufacturers, Inc.    Spokane WA $250,000 General Industry Combustible Dust
The Timber Products Manufacturers will develop a combustible dust overview and hazard prevention and mitigation training program for the wood products industry. Multiple types of educational materials will be developed to include PowerPoint, handouts, wood product combustible dust booklet for use as a reference guide, a sample policy creation guideline, and a safety video. On-site training will be provided for workers and managers lasting from 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours. Additional information will be provided to managers on hazard prevention and mitigation, and a complete wood dust facility hazard assessment will be conducted.
West Virginia University Research Corporation    Morgantown WV $244,906 Other Oil & Gas
The University will deliver 8-hour Hazard Awareness Training to workers, supervisors, and owners addressing three different industry areas: oil & gas exploration, production, and well development. The materials to be developed will include student manuals, trainer manuals, PowerPoint presentations, pre- and post-tests, instructor and class evaluations, post training student surveys, interview protocols, and site hazard assessments. Original content products will be developed and made available for download through the West Virginia University website in both English and Spanish.