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  1. SNAP Application Guidelines: The guidelines document was e-mailed on May 22 to all NRTL contacts; it is also available on our website. The guidelines identify the documentation that NRTLs must submit for an application and the evaluation criteria that OSHA will use in determining whether to approve an NRTL or initial applicant for SNAP.

  2. Application timeline and procedures: OTPCA will begin accepting SNAP applications on July 21, 2009. This date is 60 days after issuing the SNAP Application Guidelines, not the 30 days we mentioned during the meeting. Consequently, we will not begin to review any application until after July 21. We also determined that a transition period for SNAP (which we also mentioned) was unnecessary.

    Any NRTL wishing to perform SNAP functions at an unrecognized site must apply for approval to use SNAP. After reviewing any SNAP application, we will determine whether it has sufficient information and adequately addresses the criteria and conditions for SNAP. If not, we will contact the NRTL to discuss the deficiencies and then formally request the additional information or any clarifications. We will accept or deny the application based on all of the information obtained.

  3. OSHA audit time line: Once we receive a SNAP application, we will work with the NRTL and modify our audit schedule to review the SNAP-related operations at the NRTL’s SNAP headquarters. Audits of SNAP sites will be scheduled, in general, following this headquarters review and approval of SNAP. However, we may, for purposes of evaluating an application, choose to audit one or more of the planned SNAP sites of the NRTL.

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