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    Title: Tell Us How?
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    • Quarterly training projections
    • Length of training sessions
    • Training locations
    • Evaluations
    [Includes illustration of three people at a desk and the OSHA logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    In order to effectively evaluate your proposal, OSHA needs to have specific information regarding your planned grant activities.

    Your work plan should include your planned training numbers by calendar quarter. These numbers should be based on the number of planned sessions and realistic projections regarding attendance at each session.

    Please be specific regarding the length of the planned training sessions.

    For proposed training locations, please include city and state. If you have a predetermined local venue or affiliate, it is recommended that you include this information.

    It is also important for OSHA to fully understand how your organization will evaluate the effectiveness of the training. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your plan to evaluate the training. If you have developed a survey form for this purpose, it would be appropriate to include a sample of the form.