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    Title: Susan Harwood Solicitation for Grant Applications (SGA)
    Type: Text Slide

    • Read the entire Susan Harwood SGA
    • Know what is required
    • Address a single topic
    • Review and understand the evaluation criteria
    [Includes illustration of two people holding a piece of paper and OSHA logo]

    Speaker Notes:

    The Susan Harwood solicitation for grant applications Federal Register Notice explains the Harwood grant program's emphasis, explains what is required of grantees, and lists the safety and health topic areas OSHA has selected for this year's grant solicitation. OSHA is soliciting grant applications for the Targeted Topic training grant category.

    The emphasis for the Target Topic training grant category is on conducting safety and health training for employers and employees. Your grant application must propose a plan for providing training programs that address the recognition and prevention of safety and health hazards for one of the safety and health topic areas OSHA has selected.

    If your organization wishes to address more than one of the selected safety and health topic areas, a separate application must be submitted for each topic area.

    The evaluation criteria OSHA will use to rate your application is contained in the grant solicitation. Be sure that your application addresses all of the elements that are listed.