OSHA Resource Center Loan Program
Is there a charge?

There is no charge to borrow videos. However, borrowers must pay return shipping charges for the videos they borrow.

How do I begin borrowing Resource Center videos?

Complete the borrowing agreement and loan requests forms found in the Forms Section of the catalog at the bottom of this page. Individuals who already have a borrowing agreement form on file should not complete another agreement form unless the information supplied on the first form has changed. Both forms may be faxed to (847) 759-7748. Or, mail them to the OSHA Resource Center Loan Program, 2020 S. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005. Videos may be scheduled up to three months in advance. Please give us a minimum of five days notice.

How long can I keep the videos?

Resource Center videos can be borrowed for 12-14 days. This includes our shipping to you and your return shipping. The exact Due Date is given on the shipping form. Reasonable requests for an extension of the borrowing period are granted whenever possible.

Can Resource Center videos be shipped outside of the 50 States?

Training materials cannot be shipped outside of the 50 States. This is due to import/export problems and fees, shipping costs, and time restraints.

How many items can I borrow at a time?

There is a FIFTEEN-ITEM LIMIT on training materials that can be borrowed for any single Show Date. No more than fifteen items may be outstanding at any time.

What do I need to include in my loan request?
  1. Today’s Date: The date on which the loan request form is being completed.
  2. Borrower Information: On the top of the loan request form the borrower prints his or her name, business address and telephone number. The training materials will be shipped to this address. Please remember that materials cannot be delivered to a post office box. Express package shippers will not deliver materials to a post office box.
  3. Number: A number for each training material is given in the Resource Center Catalog. The number for the training material being requested is entered in this section.
  4. Title: The complete title of the training material is entered in this section. The borrower may indicate alternates for titles not available.
  5. Show Date: The Show Date is the date the borrower plans on using the training material. This may be a single date (5/18/05) or a range of dates (5/3-6/05). Please use one loan request form for each Show Date. If training materials are needed for several widely spaced Show Dates (more than five working days apart) a separate request must be made for each Show Date.
  6. RC Use: This section will indicate if a video is a confirmed booking or explains why the video is not available for loan.
  7. Please leave the bottom section blank. This section informs the borrower when the requested training materials will be shipped and the date the materials must be received back to the Resource Center. If you need to keep materials longer, contact the Resource Center, and reasonable accommodations can be made.
What if videos are kept past due?

Resource Center training videos are in high demand. Videos must be returned on time in order for us to meet the requirements of other borrowers. Three late returns will result in immediate and permanent cancellation of borrowing privileges.

What if I lose or damage videos?

Borrowers are responsible for paying the full replacement costs of any training videos lost or damaged while on loan. The average cost of a Resource Center video is $375.00.

Can videos be copied?

It is illegal to duplicate or otherwise reproduce any of the video programs produced by the private sector. Most Resource Center videos were produced by private institutions, associations, and companies that are covered by the copyright law of the United States, Title 17, United States Code of Federal Regulations. Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted videos will result in the immediate cancellation of borrowing privileges.

How do I return videos?

Videos must be returned via a traceable express package service. Many borrowers use Federal Express, Airborne Express or United Parcel Service. It is recommended that second day service be used to assure on-time return delivery of videos. If the videos are late, you must overnight them back to us so that any future bookings can be kept. The return address is:

US Department of Labor-OSHA
Resource Center Loan Program
2020 S. Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005

Why are older videos still available for loan?

The Resource Center Loan Program purchases videos by content not by age. Videos are evaluated before including them in the loan program and on a continuing basis. However, it is possible that safety and health standards may have changed since the previous evaluation. The user assumes the responsibility of previewing the videos before showing and using them with a knowledgeable instructor.

Can I buy videos from the Resource Center?

None of the training materials listed in this catalog are available for sale from the Resource Center Loan Program. However, the Materials Sources section of our catalog has information about how to contact vendors.