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    Title: S&H Training for Workers
    Type: Text Slide and Picture Slide

    Workers need to know specific hazards associated with their job and worksite to help them minimize their risk of assault and injury including:
    • Potential risk of assault
    • Workplace violence prevention policy
    • Operational procedures
    • Proper use of security measures and engineering controls
    • Behavioral strategies such as conflict resolutions
    [Includes photo of a large audience of workers attending training presentation.]

    Speaker Notes: Every employee, including supervisors and managers, should understand the concept of "universal precautions for violence," which refer to the concept that violence should be expected but can be avoided or mitigated through proper precautionary preparation.

    Training should include information on worksite specific potential hazards and instructions on how to control those hazards.

    Qualified trainers should provide instruction at the comprehension level appropriate for workers.

    Effective training involve role-playing situations and drills. At a minimum, employers should provide required training annually.

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