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    Title: 1926.453 - Aerial lifts (cont'd)
    Type: Text Slide with Image

    • Vehicle-mounted or self-propelled elevating work platforms training is required!

      All pneumatic and hydraulic components must comply with ANSI A92.2.1969 and non-critical parts must have a burst factor of 2:1
    [Includes two photos; one of a worker on a wooden pallet being lifted with a forklift (bad example), and the other of two workers in a lift specifically designed to carry workers (good example).]

    Speaker Notes:

    Only use equipment that is designed for lifting people. Never improvise and build your own lifting platform.

    This slide shows both a good and a bad example of a "personnel lift". The photograph on the left shows the bad example. This is not a powered work platform. This is a wooden pallet being lifted with a forklift. There are no guardrails, the worker is not tied off, and the platform was not designed for lifting workers. This is very dangerous and should never be attempted.

    The photograph on the right is the good example. This lift is specifically designed to carry workers. The employees are protected by a complete set of guardrails and the workers are tied off.

    Never allow yourself to be lifted in an unsafe work platform and never lift anyone else.