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    Title: Management Support
    Type: Text and Picture Slide
    Content: [Includes photo of a seven people in a business meeting.]

    • Before establishing a safe resident lifting program, the initial step is to engage management support
    • Management support is needed to allocate human and monetary resources

    Administration's fiscal support is the key to the program's success

    Speaker Notes:

    Before embarking on the establishment of a safe resident handling program, it is necessary to engage the support of the facility's management team related to employee injury reduction, employee safety, ergonomics, and safe resident handling.

    Management support is needed for several reasons: to be consistent with the objectives of the organization to begin the process of establishing a program; to allocate human and monetary to implement such a program; and to determine how to integrate safe resident into the facility-wide ergonomics/injury prevention in which occupational health should have an integral role.