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    Title: Step 2 – Developing A Plan
    Type: Text and Picture Slide
    Content: [Includes a photo of three workers reviewing documents.]

    • Brainstorming of program models
    • Equipment selection
    • Gaining administrative approval
    • Creating implementation plan

    Speaker Notes:

    Brainstorm options of program models based on the data analysis. When brainstorming, consider various levels of intervention as possible solutions including the costs for human resources, training, equipment, and potential injury reduction with projected cost savings. Determine the best method to roll out and maintain the safe resident handling program. Determine how the methodology for safe resident handling within each department.

    Develop a policy on safe resident handling based on the model adopted. Make the case for administration. Once the data is analyzed, an executive summary and report need to be prepared for administrative review. The report needs to include cost justification, a plan for implementation, and staffing requirements for the program.