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    Title: Success Story #5*
    Type: Text Slide

    • State - Wheeling, West Virginia
    • Company - Good Shepherd Nursing Home
    • Employees - 240 full time and part time employees
    • The Problem - Lifting of residents caused many staff back injuries
    • The Solution - A safety committee analyzed injuries/ incidents and bought mechanical lifting devices resulting in a decrease in injury and illness rates
    *Source: OSHA's Small Business Success Stories Page

    Speaker Notes:

    The source document for this success story can be found on OSHA's Small Business Success Stories public page.

    In 1997, after noticing a distressing increase in worker injury and illness rate, Good Shepherd asked for help from the West Virginia OSHA On-Site Consultation Program.

    Good Shepherd Nursing Home LC created a safety committee to analyze the injury/incident reports and zeroed in on the problem area. Heavy lifting was causing many of the facilities injuries; staff members were injuring their lower backs from lifting patients that were not able to assist in rising from the bed.

    • As a result of these efforts, Good Shepherd:
    • Reviewed their injury and illness trends;
    • Identified hazards;
    • Reconsidered their policies and procedures; and
    • Purchased mechanical lifting devices to protect workers from injuries.