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    Title: Success Story #4 - The Impact
    Type: Text Slide
    Content: Includes a bar graph with 4 elements; three elements for each (Heritage Enterprise, Dynamic Health Care, and Christian Homes) of the following: OSHA recordable injuries, lost work days, and total workers' compensation claims and costs.

    • Decrease: OSHA Recordable Resident Handling Injuries
      • Heritage Enterprise = 96%
      • Dynamic Health Care = 89%
      • Christian Homes = 97%
    • Decrease: Lost Workday Injuries Related to Resident Handling
      • Heritage Enterprise = 94%
      • Dynamic Health Care = 75%
      • Christian Homes = 86%
    • Decrease: Total Worker's Comp. Claims
      • Heritage Enterprise = 30%
      • Dynamic Health Care = 47%
      • Christian Homes = 44%
    • Decrease: Total Workers' comp. Claims in Dollars Incurred
      • Heritage Enterprise = 57%
      • Dynamic Health Care = 27%
      • Christian Homes = 57%
    Speaker Notes:

    As a result of the limited lift program at the three nursing home facilities, there was a reduction in OSHA recordable injuries, lost work days, and total workers' compensation claims and costs.

    The chart depicts the comparative return on investments of lifts for the three nursing home facilities. The chart shows a percent decrease in OSHA recordable resident handling injuries, percent decrease in lost workday injuries related to resident handling, percent decrease in total Workers' Compensations claims, and percent decrease in total Workers' Compensation claims dollars incurred.