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    Type: Flow Chart Slide
    Content: Includes a flow chart with one main start point labeled "Design Features of a Safer Needle Device" pointing to five points labeled: Barrier between hands and needle; Integral part of device; Protection in place before and after disposal; Simple to operate; and Visual or audible cues.

    Source: FDA, 1992 1995

    Speaker Notes:

    What are the design features of a safer needle device?

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suggested that a safety feature designed to protect health care workers should:

    Provide a barrier between the hands and the needle after use; the safety feature should allow or require the worker's hands to remain behind the needle at all times.
    Be an integral part of the device and not an accessory.
    Be in effect before disassembly and remain in effect after disposal to protect downstream workers.
    Be simple and self evident to operate and require little or no training to use effectively.
    Have safety mechanisms with a visual or audible cue to assure the user of activation that cannot be accidentally or intentionally disengaged or bypassed (FDA, 1992 and 1995).