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    Title: Injury and Illness Prevention Programs: Do They Work?
    Type: Chart Slide
    Chart Title: Top Benefits of Effective Workplace Safety Programs Cited by Financial Decisionmakers (percent of respondents)
    Chart Elements: Pie chart with 5 sections representing the top benefits of Workplace Safety Programs.
    • Increased productivity = 43%
    • Reduced costs = 28%
    • Greater retention of employees = 7%
    • Better employee morale and greater job satisfaction = 6%
    • Other = 16%

    Source: Huang et.al, 2009. Data based on responses from 231 U.S. companies with 100 or more employees.

    Speaker Notes:

    This chart shows what corporate financial decision-makers throughout the United States (231 companies with 100 or more employees) thought about the benefits of workplace safety programs similar to I2P2 programs.

    43% cited increased productivity as a benefit
    28% - reduced costs
    7% - better employee retention
    6% - better morale and job satisfaction

    In todays economy, where people are your greatest asset, what value do you place on increased productivity, reduced costs, better morale and job satisfaction, and better employee retention?