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    Title: Department of Defense
    Type: Table and Picture Slide
    Content: [Includes photo of VPP Star Worksite]

    Lost Day Rate FY 02 FY 09 Rate Reduction Percent Improvement
    DoD 31.5 18.7 12.8 41%
    Army 29.3 17.8 11.5 39%
    Navy 39.8 21.2 18.6 46%
    Marines 73.8 36.7 37.1 50%
    Air Force 25.6 16.5 9.1 36%
    Defense Agencies 25.6 16.9 8.7 34%

    Speaker Notes:

    This slide shows the experience of the Department of Defense with OSHA's VPP (The table was taken from a 2010 article in "The Leader" written by Joseph Angello, Jr., Executive Secretary for the Defense Oversight Council). The leaders of our armed forces understand that employees are critical to mission readiness, and recognize the link between lost time injuries and illnesses and lost productivity. The Secretary of Defense has set a goal of reducing preventable injuries by 75 percent from a 2002 baseline, with the ultimate aim of achieving zero injuries. VPP participation has proven a powerful tool in this effort.

    As you can see in this chart, DOD saw a lost day rate reduction of 41 percent, going from 31.5 per 100 full-time workers in FY 2002 (before any VPP programs were implemented) to 18.7 per 100 workers in FY 2009. One installation that ranked among the highest lost day rates dropped to one of the lowest in under two years through implementation of VPP.