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Measure Amount
Compare to Limit

Silica and Silicosis
Applying Your Knowledge: Silica and Silicosis
Deaths from Silica in the Workplace
Citation and Notification of Penalty
Checklist for Employee Exposure Monitoring

Determining Silica Exposure
Deaths from Silica in the Workplace
Apply Your Knowledge: Silica Exposure
Measuring the Amount of Airborne Silica
Laboratory Considerations
Lab Experience and Knowledge
Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Selecting a Laboratory Technique
Other Analytical Techniques
Comparison of Analytical Techniques
How Many Peaks are Used for XRD
Method Modifications
Instrument Calibration
Provisions for Sample Loading
Applying Your Knowledge: Measuring Silica
Comparing Your Exposure to OSHA's Limit
Permissible Exposure Limits for Silica
The Advisor Genius: Comparing Silica Levels to the OSHA Limit
Limits for Coal Dust and Amorphous Silica
Applying Your Knowledge: Comparing to the Limit
Taking Action to Protect Against Silica
On-site Consultation Services
Silicosis in Sandblasters Use Silica Substitutes
Economics of Aluminum Oxide as a Silica Substitute
Control Measures – Abrasive Blasting
Abrasive Blasting Cabinets
Abrasive Blasting Rooms
Controlling Silica Dust from Foundry Casting-Cleaning Operations
Operating and Preventive Maintenance Procedures
Improper Modifications
Dust Generating Points not Controlled
Possible Design Improvements
Improper Maintenance
Improper Work Practices
Lack of Housekeeping
Applying Your Knowledge: Protecting Against Silica
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