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    Title: Steel Erection Decision Tree
    Type: Text Slide
    Content: Flow Chart
    • Inside the top box is: Is the activity at the jobsite listed in 1926.750(b)1?
      • Under the top box is a yes and a no box.
        • Under the yes box is: Then this activity IS covered by Subpart R
        • Under the no box is: IS the activity listed in .750(b)2?
          • Under this no box are two boxes, one yes and one no.
            • Under the yes box is: Then you must determine if this is going on in conjunction with (during and a part of) steel erection activities in (b)(1). A question to ask: Does this (b)(2) activity have to be done for steel erection to continue: If yes, and if done during (b)(1) activities, then it is covered by the standard.
            • Under the no box is: Because it is listed in neither (b)(1) nor (b)(2), it is not covered by the standard.
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