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Traffic Safety | Ergonomics

To address one of the safety and health issues in the Waste Collection industry, in December 2003 OSHA published a Safety and Health Information Bulletin: Crushing Hazards Associated with Dumpsters and Rear-loading Trash Trucks. The bulletin’s purpose was to raise the awareness of the Waste Collection industry to the risks that employees working behind collection trucks faced.

In August 2008, as part of the OSHA and Energy Recovery Council (ERC) Alliance, ERC developed "Hauler Safety Campaign, Safety: Do It For Life." The annual campaign educates public and private waste haulers, municipal and private owners and operators, and facility workers about best practices on tipping floor safety. It also encourages the men and women who haul and dispose of solid waste to focus on their safety practices and their families’ and friends’ well-being as they do their jobs.


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Traffic Safety | Ergonomics