Weekly Fatality Reports

Weekly Fatality/Catastrophe Report

FAT/CAT FY09 Weekly Report (August 14, 2009)
Region Reporting Company and Location Date of Occurrence Nature of Incident Event Number
2 Lucas Construction Group, Inc.
Avenel, NJ 07001
8/11/2009 Victim was struck on the head by a metal trench plate. 101312189
4 United Parcel Service Co.,
Miami, FL 33152
8/2/2009 Victim was unloading a palette of boxed flowers, and was struck on the torso, while pulling a box towards him. The stack of boxed fell, causing him to lose his balance, and fall backwards down 1'8" high. 100681469
4 L&L Fleet Services, LLC
Madison, AL 35756
8/3/2009 The safety supports failed on a dump truck bed, causing the bed of the dump truck to fall onto the victim, crushing him. 101275238
4 Walt Disney World
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
8/6/2009 Victim, during a choreographed sword fight, stumbled and fell into a wall. 102571866
4 Zodiac Services Americas
College Park, GA 30337
8/6/2009 Victim was found off his forklift, apparent heart attack. 100203264
4 MJM Greenway Landscaping & Management, Inc.
Port Orange, FL 32128
8/11/2009 Victim was doing landscaping services. He was later found collapsed in the company truck, apparent heat stress. 101357622
4 Superior Construction, LLC
Jacksonville, FL 32256
8/11/2009 Victim was surveying the ramp shoulder and was struck by an automobile. 101357614
6 L&J Roustabout
Batesville, TX 78829
7/8/2009 Employees were removing a cap on a 12-inch natural gas pipeline. Employees working nearby were doing some oxygen/acetylene cutting. While removing the cap, natural gas escaped and was ignited by the cutting process. One employee fatality and two employees were hospitalized. 100605286
6 Sweeping Services of Texas - Operating LP
Lewisville, TX 75022
8/10/2009 Victim was picking up trash/debris along the roadside and was struck by a tire that had sheared off a truck axle. 100715689
6 SMC, Inc.
Odessa, TX 79764
8/12/2009 Victim leaned across a horizontal milling machine turning at 138 RPM. One of the sleeves of his shirt was caught by either the spinning shaft or drift. Victim was pulled off the floor and wrapped around the shaft. 100814425
6 Tank Builders, Inc.
Richmond, TX 77407
8/12/2009 Victim was welding on an overhead interior structure of a water tank, and collapsed on the scaffold, possible heat stress. 101933695