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Weekly Fatality/Catastrophe Report

This table contains the weekly summaries of fatalities and catastrophes resulting in the hospitalization of three or more workers. Employers must report these incidents to OSHA within eight hours. The summaries below include only preliminary information, as reported to OSHA Area Offices or to States which operate OSHA-approved State Plans. The fatalities listed here include only those that initially appear to be work-related, but exclude fatalities that do not appear to be work-related, such as an apparent heart attack of a sedentary worker. OSHA investigates all work-related fatalities and catastrophes. After OSHA's investigation is complete, these reports will be updated with inspection results and citation information.

Weekly Summary (Federal and State data tabulated week ending July 14, 2012)
Date of Incident Company and Location Preliminary Description of Incident
6/13/2012 Scruggs Equipment Company, Memphis, TN 38113
Worker performing maintenance on a front end garbage truck loader was crushed between the driver's side lifting arm and the debris body of the truck.
6/22/2012 Green Mountain Tree Service, Detroit, MI 48223
Worker was crushed by a branch that was cut from a large oak tree.
6/27/2012 Plaska Transmission Line Construction LLC, Eunice, NM 88231
One worker died, another injured after suffering electrical burns when the boom truck they were inside touched a power line.
7/1/2012 R.G. Lumber Corp., Jackman, MA 04945
A worker moving a logging machine died when the machine struck him.
7/2/2012 Oakland Timberjax LLC, Oakland, MD 21550
Worker cutting down trees after storm damage died after falling more than 50 feet to the ground.
7/2/2012 R.G. Lumber Corp., Jackman, MA 04945
A worker moving a logging machine died when the machine struck him.
7/2/2012 W.W. Landscaping Inc., Pinetops, NC 27864
Worker cutting down a nearly 100-foot-high pine tree was struck and killed by another falling tree.
7/3/2012 Escoe Industrial, Jefferson, GA 30549
Worker was electrocuted after falling onto a 4,100-volt switch gear.
7/3/2012 Laning's Dairy Supply, Rosendale, WI 54974
Worker installing a cattle spraying apparatus was struck by a cattle gate carriage, pinning worker between the carriage and a post.
7/5/2012 Mail Contractors of America, Urbandale, IA 50322
Worker was run over and killed when he tried to stop a moving tractor.
7/5/2012 Spancrete, Oshkosh, WI 54901
Worker was struck and killed by a crane boom.
7/6/2012 Brookside Farms Inc., West Townsend, MA 01474
Worker loading a hay trailer was killed when the trailer rolled backwards, crushing him.
7/6/2012 Customs and Border Protection, Fort Hancock, TX 79839
Worker operating an all-terrain vehicle was crushed when the vehicle rolled down an embankment, landing on top of him.
7/6/2012 Findlay Roofing, Atlanta, GA 30316
Worker making roofing repairs was electrocuted after touching a power line.
7/6/2012 West Alabama Mechanical, Inc., Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
Worker operating a crane was struck by the machine's gear box and pump when crane tipped over.
7/7/2012 Jose Galtan, Machesney Park, IL 61115
Worker loading appliances onto a delivery truck collapsed and died. Cause of death unknown.
7/8/2012 Owens Coming, Newark, OH 43055
Worker for an insulation manufacturer was found dead from possible heat stress.
7/9/2012 Coastal Parasail, Inc., Panama City Beach, FL 32408
Worker collecting trash was run over by a trash truck.
7/9/2012 Consumers Cooperative Society, Kalona, IA 52247
Worker cleaning out a grain bin was found unresponsive on ground near bin.
7/10/2012 Knife River Corporation - Northwest, Canby, OR 97013
Worker placing roadway signs at an intersection was struck and killed by a vehicle.
7/10/2012 Pioneers International, Inc., Orlando, FL 32832
Worker operating a riding lawn mower was found in a canal pinned underneath the mower.
7/10/2012 State Farm, Oshkosh, WI 54904
Worker fell off an extension ladder, suffering fatal head trauma.
7/11/2012 Joyce Fisher Limited Partnership, Mentone, TX 79754
Worker loading a machine into the bucket of a backhoe died after being caught between the backhoe's bucket and the outrigger.
7/11/2012 L & C Exteriors, Overland, MO 63114
Worker pulling a roller on a flat roof died after falling through a skylight.
7/11/2012 Windsor Fuel Company, Pittsburg, CA 94565
Worker shifting traffic control cones was struck and killed by a vehicle.
7/12/2012 Hearthside Food Solutions LLC, McComb, OH 45858
Worker died after experiencing shortness of breath while packaging cookies on a production line.
7/12/2012 Thomas Logging LLC, Climax Twp, MI 49034
Worker was crushed by a tree while cutting timber.
7/13/2012 Dillard Smith Crossville, TN 38572
Worker replacing broken electric poles was electrocuted after touching a live power line.
7/13/2012 RM Walsdorf Inc., Brownsville, TX 78521
Worker performing maintenance work on a paving machine was crushed when the hydraulic line gave way, causing the machine to fall.
CATASTROPHES (Non-Fatalities)
7/10/2012 Lava River Forestry Inc., Prineville, OR 97754
Ten firefighters were hospitalized when the van they were riding in collided with another vehicle.