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Weekly Fatality/Catastrophe Report

This table contains the weekly summaries of fatalities and catastrophes resulting in the hospitalization of three or more workers. Employers must report these incidents to OSHA within eight hours. The summaries below include only preliminary information, as reported to OSHA Area Offices or to States which operate OSHA-approved State Plans. The fatalities listed here include only those that initially appear to be work-related, but exclude fatalities that do not appear to be work-related, such as an apparent heart attack of a sedentary worker. OSHA investigates all work-related fatalities and catastrophes. After OSHA's investigation is complete, these reports will be updated with inspection results and citation information.

Weekly Summary (Federal and State data tabulated week ending May 22, 2010)
Date of Incident Company and Location Preliminary Description of Incident
4/12/2010 Roosevelt Fire Department, Engine Co. #1,
Hyde Park, NY 12538
Worker died after developing chest pains while training.
5/11/2010 Hixon Home Improvement,
Highland, IN 46322
Worker died from head injuries after falling down stairs, while moving a chest freezer.
5/12/2010 FS Commercial Landscaping,
Carson, CA 92509
Worker died after he began vomiting and shaking. He was moved to the shade and first aid was administered (presumed heat stress).
5/13/2010 A & M Carpentry,
Olney, MD 20832
Worker died after falling 23 feet from an extension ladder.
5/13/2010 Capstar Austin Partners, LP dba Doubletree Austin,
Austin, TX 78752
Worker was cleaning out a deep fat fryer and spilled some hot grease, receiving a significant burn to his left leg.
5/13/2010 John Davis Trucking Company,
Battle Mountain, NV 89820
Driver suffered fatal injuries after truck left the road and overturned.
5/13/2010 Scholastic Book Fair, Inc.,
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
Worker was working from a cherry picker and fell.
5/14/2010 NC State Natural Resources Foundation, Inc.,
Maysville, NC 28555
Worker died after being backed over by a truck while walking along the road.
5/15/2010 Eagle Sorters, LLC,
Porter, TX 77365
Worker was painting a dredging vessel. He was down in a hole, located inside the vessel, and an explosion occurred.
5/15/2010 Super Mart Convenience Store,
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Convenience store worker died after being shot during a robbery.
5/17/2010 C.D. Davenport, Inc.,
Northfield, MA 01360
Worker was struck by 8-inch high density polyethylene (HDPE) water piping that burst.
5/17/2010 Saxon Drilling Rig 140,
Damascus, AR 72039
Worker was on top of a generator house preparing for hook-up and was found unconscious.
5/18/2010 BIS Frucon Industrial Services Inc.,
Perry, FL 32347
Worker stepped in front of a Lull® telehandler and was run over.
5/18/2010 Conveyor & Storage Systems Co. Inc.,
Portland, PA 18343
Worker fell from a mezzanine, 11 feet above the lower level.
5/19/2010 Alpha Auto Repair, LLC,
Crestwood, IL 60445
Worker was pinned between two vehicles as he tried to stop a car from rolling out of a car bay.
5/19/2010 Ellis Arms Logging,
Wartburg, TN 37912
Worker died after being struck by a tree during a logging operation. The tree was supposed to fall in the opposite direction.
5/19/2010 Post Road Fuel Incorporated,
Warwick, RI 02888
Worker put a car on the car lift and raised the car 4 feet, to repair the left front tire, and the worker went under the car. The front of the car started leaning toward the floor, then fell to the floor; the rear of the car then came off the lift, falling to the floor. The worker was still under the car and was crushed.
5/20/2010 Artic Car Sales, Inc.,
Rapid City, SD 57701
Worker was crushed by an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) after it rolled over during a photo shoot.
5/20/2010 CBI Services,
East Windsor, NJ 08520
Worker was inside a water tower ascending a ladder and fell.
5/20/2010 National Park Service,
American Fork, UT 84003
Worker was riding a motorized bike up a trail and went off the edge of the trail, falling 1000 feet.
5/20/2010 Nordpal Corporation,
Galesburg, IL 61401
Worker was repairing a large overhead hanger door, and was later found caught in the folded door.
5/21/2010 Trinity Marine Products Inc.,
Madisonville, LA 70447
Worker was fitting and welding into place a center line frame on a barge. The frame fell on the worker, crushing the worker.
5/17/2010 Zachry Industrial, Inc.,
Freeport, TX 77541
Four workers were working on lines that had been steamed and red tagged. They were exposed to epichlorohydrin. All for workers were hospitalized.