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Weekly Fatality/Catastrophe Report

This table contains the weekly summaries of fatalities and catastrophes resulting in the hospitalization of three or more workers. Employers must report these incidents to OSHA within eight hours. The summaries below include only preliminary information, as reported to OSHA Area Offices or to States which operate OSHA-approved State Plans. The fatalities listed here include only those that initially appear to be work-related, but exclude fatalities that do not appear to be work-related, such as an apparent heart attack of a sedentary worker. OSHA investigates all work-related fatalities and catastrophes. After OSHA's investigation is complete, these reports will be updated with inspection results and citation information.

Weekly Summary (Federal and State data tabulated week ending April 7, 2012)
Date of Incident Company and Location Preliminary Description of Incident
03/20/2012 Brantec Packaging Machinery Corp., Fort Mill, SC 29715 Worker was struck and killed by a forklift while walking through a bay door.
03/25/2012 Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, Cicero, IL 60804 Worker making sewer maintenance repairs stepped into a hole, injuring his ankle and back. The worker later died from complications during surgery.
03/28/2012 Marine Terminals Corporation - East dba Ports Amer, Savannah, GA 31401 Worker was struck and killed by a forklift at a marine terminal.
04/01/2012 Mersen USA St. Mary's PA-Corp., St. Mary's, PA 15857 Worker operating a powered industrial truck died when the raised fork from another truck struck his leg, cutting a main artery.
04/02/2012 Rumstick Construction Inc., Rollingstone, MN 55969 Worker performing residential construction died after falling 14 feet from a ladder.
04/02/2012 Metroclean Commercial Building Services, Houston, TX 77067 Worker performing floor wax stripping duties was found deceased.
04/03/2012 J & E Industries LLC, New York, NY 10001 Worker was killed at a construction site when a crane fell on him.
04/03/2012 W G Operating, Electra, TX 76360 Worker servicing an electrical pump was struck and killed by lightning.
04/3/2012 ET&T Corp., Rosedale, MD 21237 Worker making repairs underneath a trailer was killed when the trailer fell on him.
04/03/2012 Mericle Mechanical Inc., Mettler, CA 93313 Worker repairing a HVAC unit on a warehouse roof died after falling 39 feet through a skylight.
04/03/2012 Outdoor Advertising Services, Snow Hill, NC 28580 Worker setting up a metal ladder alongside a billboard was electrocuted when the ladder touched a power line.
04/04/2012 Village of Stickney-Public Works, Stickney, IL 60402 Worker riding on the sidestep of a garbage truck died after becoming pinned between the truck and a protruding pipe.
04/04/2012 Demco Manufacturing Co., Boyden, IA 51234 Worker using a forklift to load grain carts onto a semi-trailer was killed after becoming stuck between the forklift's frame and cage.
04/05/2012 Carolina Farms and Harvesting Inc., Johnston, SC 29832 Two workers installing an irrigation line from a pond to orchard fields were electrocuted when the metal piping contacted an overhead power line. One worker died, the second was hospitalized.
04/05/2012 Patterson UTI, Tionesta, PA 16353 Worker connecting pipes at a gas well site was crushed between a beam and pipe.
04/06/2012 Rotech Granite Inc., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Worker raised a diamond saw table unit above his head to disassemble it from underneath and was crushed when the table top fell on him.