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OSHA e-PRCS Advisor 1.0 - Help Page
September 2000

This e-PRCS Help Page covers problems that you may encounter during installation and use of e-PRCS. The e-PRCS Help Page will be periodically updated and maintained to reflect any new problems that are brought to the attention of OSHA.

This section is organized so that each problem is listed first, followed by the suggested solution and/or discussion of the problem(s) you may be experiencing.

Problem - My McAfee software says the e-PRCS file has a virus

We are aware that there may be difficulties for some users who use McAfee Anti-Virus Software® If you use McAfee Anti-Virus Software and are downloading the file for "Users Without Microsoft® Access," the anti-virus software may indicate that the file is infected with an unknown virus and that it cannot be cleaned. This has occurred with users who have McAfee Anti-Virus version 4.5 with the 4.0.70 Scan Engine and the 4.0.4094 and 4.0.4095 virus definitions. The file has been validated using multiple anti-virus software packages and does not contain a virus. For users with McAfee Anti-Virus, please download the latest virus definitions update to correct any mis-readings. We have downloaded and successfully validated the file using McAfee Anti-Virus using the 4.0.4096 virus definitions.

Problem - Cannot open e-PRCS using my Microsoft® Access application

Three versions of e-PRCS were developed to accommodate the computer resources of users. Two are for users with Microsoft® Access and the other is for users without Microsoft® Access. To use the e-PRCS versions designed for users with Microsoft® Access, you must have Microsoft® Access 97 or later installed on your PC. If you have an earlier version of Microsoft® Access, you must use the Run-time version of e-PRCS or upgrade your Microsoft® Access to version 97 or later. See the e-PRCS User Manual for more information on installing and starting e-PRCS.

Problem - Run-time error

This message typically indicates a programming error. We attempted to de-bug the program thoroughly before releasing it. If you see a pop-up screen with the words "Run-time error '####'" at the top, you may have uncovered a programming bug that was not identified for correction. OSHA requests that you please note the message in the error pop-up screen and contact the e-PRCS support team via the e-PRCS help page. OSHA will correct these bugs for subsequent releases of e-PRCS.

To close the error pop-up screen, click the "End" button on the pop-up. We encourage you not to attempt debugging e-PRCS yourself. This may create additional errors with e-PRCS. In addition, OSHA will not be made aware of the needed correction. The Agency will correct programming errors and repost the new program file as soon as possible.

Problem - Cannot open e-PRCS Sections 1.3 through 1.5

Sections 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5, cannot be opened unless you have chosen Option 4 in Section 1.2 (see Page 18) and entered the permit spaces on your site in the Space Location field (see Page 21). Sections 1.3 through 1.5 are unnecessary unless Option 4 is applicable to your site.

Problem - Information has disappeared

Data disappearing is likely the result of changing your selection at one of e-PRCS's option lists. At several points in e-PRCS, you must choose from two or more options that reflect or are consistent with your site's operations. Specifically, these are:
  • Section 1.2 (first screen): You must select from four options concerning the existence of confined spaces and permit spaces, and your site's policy concerning entry into those spaces;
  • Section 1.2 (third screen--only applicable to Option 4): You must indicate whether there are one or more permit spaces on-site that workers will not be allowed to enter; and Section 1.5: You must select either Option 1 or Option 2 to indicate whether on-site personnel or an outside response organization performs permit-required confined space rescue for the site.
If you have previously entered information based on an option and then change to a different option, you face the risk of losing the previously entered information. When you have changed an option and returned to the main screen, the previously entered data may be deleted from e-PRCS. This is not a problem if you truly intended to change the option. If, however, you did not intend for the change, you must select your original option and re-enter the information.

If you have a suggestion or comment on this software, please submit them to:
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