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    Title: General SGE Qualifications
    Type: Text Slide

    • Familiar with OSHA Regulations
    • Familiar with VPP Requirements
    • Demonstrate Leadership
    • Strong Interpersonal Skills
    • Reading & Writing Skills
    • Management/Corporate Support
    [Includes image of OSHA Logo]

    Speaker Notes:
    Interested candidates must meet the following qualifications….

    Familiarity with OSHA Regulations
    Familiarity with VPP Requirements – 4 Elements….Management commitment & employee involvement; Worksite Analysis; Hazard Prevention & Control; and Safety and Health training

    Experience in a leadership position …i.e., chairing a safety committee

    Strong interpersonal skills….being a people person

    Good reading and writing

    And most important of all…..support from your management of become an SGE.