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Success with Ergonomics
New York Times Company

State: New York
Company: New York Times Company
  New York, New York
Industry: Newspaper publishing SIC Code: 2711

Success Brief: The New York Times has sustained success in tackling ergonomic issues over the course of its ten-year program.

The Problem
Medical costs associated with employee computer and equipment use.

The Solution
The New York Times ergonomics program focuses on seven specific points:
  1. Training. Staff hold in-depth, small-group staff training sessions in a computer training room with ergonomic chairs and tables.
  2. Work-site and work-process evaluations.
  3. Work-place re-design and renovation.
  4. On-site Occupational Health Department.
  5. Comprehensive stocking of a wide range of ergonomic equipment.
  6. Computerized ergonomic tracking system.
  7. Communication.
The program attempts to reduce injuries and helps make work processes more efficient by working with each division of the company and anticipating areas of difficulties. For instance, the company examines hazards when new technologies are introduced or when departments are merged or transformed into new divisions with new responsibilities.

The Impact
Reduced workers’ compensation claims and related medical costs.

Source: John J. Kella, Human Resources, New York Times, January 2003.
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