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Success with Ergonomics
Springs Window Fashions

State: Pennsylvania
Company: Springs Window Fashions
  Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Industry: Manufacturing - SIC Code 2591
Employees: 850

Success Brief:   Changes to assembly tables reduced injuries.

The Problem

Spring Window Fashions, a participant in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs, received approximately 20 compensable cases and numerous complaints of neck, shoulder, and back pain per year from a staff of 80 horizontal blind assemblers, who work in a standing position at assembly tables.

The Solution

Assembly tables were redesigned, making it easier to reach parts and allowing workers to raise or lower the table to suit their height. Fatigue mats and foot rests was also added to each station so that workers can change position while standing.

The Impact

Only two compensable claims have been reported since 1999, and none were reported in 2003. Assemblers report that they no longer have to bend over at their tables to complete their tasks, and do not experience neck, shoulder, and back pain at the end of their shifts.

Source: Dell Pratt, Safety and Security Manager (April 2003)
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