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Success with Machinery Safety and with Ergonomics
American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and
Pulp and Paper Safety Association (PPSA)

Company: AF&PA member company
Industry: Combination of Plastic and Paperboard Folding Cartons
NAICS Code 32221
Task: Emptying Cutter Scrap Receptacles
Employees: 150

Success Brief:

Changed from using trash receptacles that were manually moved and dumped to using gaylords that are handled by forklifts.

The Problem

Cutter scrap used to be placed in trash receptacles. When the bins were full, employees would manually pull/roll them to the recycle area, lift the containers and empty the contents. This led to several possible risk factors force required to pull the full receptacles, force required to upend them, and awkward postures/forces required to empty contents.

The Solution

We now use gaylords for operators to dispose of cutter scrap. When a Gaylord is full, a forklift retrieves it and takes it to the recycle area. This has eliminated all manual pushing, pulling and lifting.
Figure 1: Gaylord design being used for disposing of scrap
Figure 1: Gaylord design being used for disposing of scrap.

The Impact

This change has removed muscle strain inherent in manually moving heavily loaded trash receptacles and emptying them.

Source: AF&PA; PPSA (May 2008)