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    Type: Text Slide with Data Table
    Content: Hazardous Work: Average nursing home injury and illness rate was 14.2 per 100 full time employees*
    Cause of Injury Percent of ILLINOIS
    Workers' Comp Claims
    Average Claim
    Resident Transfer (i.e., back, shoulder, other musculoskeletal) 36% $3,984 per claim
    Contract with/struck by object (i.e., cuts and abrasions) 23% $1,668 per claim
    Slip/Trip/Fall (e.g., knee and limbs from falls) 19% $6,440 per claim
    Lift/Push (e.g., soft tissue in nature from housekeeping, maintenance, laundry) 11% $4,414 per claim
    Aggression (e.g., bites and abrasions - note some occur during transfer) 8% $4,328 per claim
    Repetitive Motion (typically clerical) 3% $5,936 per claim

    * Injury data for the first six months of 2003 provided by Life Services Network Association, a provider of Workers' Compensation insurance for the non-profit long-term care members of its network

    Speaker Notes:

    As of 2003 here are the average costs of comp claims for nursing homes provided by an insurance carrier that works primarily with nursing homes.