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    Title: THE BUSINESS CASE FOR SAFETY -- Adding Value and Competitive Advantage
      A Joint Initiative of OSHA, Abbott, and
      The Center for Business and Public Policy
      at Georgetown University
      March 2005

    Speaker Notes:
    Project started as an outgrowth of our work together on Illinois Healthcare Initiative.

    Needed a way to explain to Business Community – Business Owners -- Answer Questions

    • Why should I care about safety?
    • What does Safety Excellence look like?
      • Why is it important to me?
      • How does it add value and provide me with competitive advantage.
    • Real Business Cases (short case studies)
    • Tool to use a variety of ways
      1. Presentation to Managers / Business Leaders, Chamber of Commerce, etc.
      2. Case study for internal use/workshop for larger companies
      3. Business School – interject into material
        • MBA students
        • Executive Education
    Phase II
    • We hope to continue to add more cases to build our portfolio in different industries on different subjects.
    • Any suggestions --- let me know ----