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If you meet most but not all of the SHARP eligibility criteria and are committed to working toward SHARP approval, you may be recommended by your state On-site Consultation Project Manager for Pre-SHARP status. Upon achieving Pre-SHARP status, you are granted a deferral from OSHA programmed inspections*.

To achieve Pre-SHARP status:

  • You have had a full service, comprehensive consultation visit at your worksite;
  • You have corrected all hazards identified by the consultant(s);
  • You have informed your workers of hazard correction(s);
  • You are in the process of implementing an effective injury and illness prevention program; and
  • You can meet all SHARP requirements during the Pre-SHARP deferral period, not to exceed a total of 18 months.

To determine your eligibility for Pre-SHARP, please schedule an On-site Consultation visit by contacting the On-site Consultation office in your state.

*Participation in SHARP does not eliminate the responsibilities of owners orrights of workers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Under OSHA, the following types of incidents can trigger an OSHA enforcement inspection at SHARP sites: formal complaints, fatality, imminent danger situations and any other significant events as directed by the Assistant Secretary of OSHA.