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Challenges Small Businesses Face in Complying with Regulations
The Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs

"Challenges Small Businesses Face
in Complying with Regulations"
Guest Speakers:

Nicholas N. Owens
National Ombudsman, Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Enforcement Fairness, US Small Business Administration

Elyce A. Biddle, Ph.D.
Senior Economist, Division of Safety Research, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Vincent Santoro
Vice President of Global Manufacturing, Ideal Jacobs Corporation (A SHARP Company)

September 30, 2008
10:00 A.M., Room C-5515

Session Overview:
  • As of 2006, small firms with less than 500 employees accounted for approximately 99 percent of the estimated 26.8 million businesses in the United States.
  • A common concern of small business is how to provide a safe workplace for employees and comply with Safety and Health regulations while effectively managing a host of other business demands.
  • The panel will examine challenges small businesses face in complying with OSHA regulations and discuss ways to foster stronger relationships between small business and the regulatory community.
  • Refreshments will be served.
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