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Federal Directive Number: TED 01-00-018
Date of Directive: August 8, 2008
This instruction provides National, Regional, and Area Office personnel with policy and guidelines for implementation of competency-based training programs for OSHA compliance personnel.
Adoption Required Intention Required





URL or Contact

AK Yes No 02/02/2009 AKOSH Initial Training Program for Compliance Personnel. Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Labor Standards, AKOSH Program Directive 09-02, (2009, February 2), 24 pages. Master listing of all directives is available as a 416 KB PDF, 10 pages.
AZ Yes No Revision Pending William M. Wright
Phone: (602) 542-1695
CA Yes No Revision Pending Professional Development and Training. California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, Policy and Procedures Manual C-12, (1995, July 1).
CT* Yes Yes 10/16/2008 NA
HI Yes No Revision Pending Jamesner Dumlao, Operations Manager
Phone: (808) 586-9116
IA Yes No 01/01/2009 Initial Training Program for Iowa OSHA Compliance Personnel. Iowa Occupational Safety and Health (IOSHA), TED 01-00-018, (2009, January 1), available as a 373 KB PDF, 23 pages.
  • Recommended CSHO Training Activities for Year One. Appendix A, available as a 314 KB PDF, 29 pages.
IN Yes Yes 01/01/2009 NA
KY Yes Yes Revision Pending Chuck Stribling, CSP, OSH Federal-State Coordinator
Phone: (502) 564-3070
MD Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
MI No No 01/08/2009 MIOSHA Staff Training. Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration, MIOSHA-TRG-04-1R3, (2008, June 25), available as a 172 KB DOC, 15 pages.

Construction Safety and Health Division:
Robert Pawlowski
Phone: (517) 322-1856

General Industry Safety and Health Division:
John Brennan
Phone: (517) 322-1831
MN No No 02/27/2008 MNOSHA Compliance
Phone: (651) 284-5050
NC Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
NJ* Yes Yes 02/20/2009 NA
NM Yes No 11/03/2008 Initial Training for Compliance Officers. New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau (OHSB), Directive 09-09, (2008, November 3), available as a 104 KB PDF, 8 pages.
NV Yes Yes 01/03/2009 NA
NY* Yes Yes 10/01/2008 NA
OR Yes No Revision Pending Quality Assurance Manager
Phone: (503) 947-7392
PR Yes Yes 10/21/2008 NA
SC Yes No Revision Pending Gwen Thomas, OSHA Technical Support Coordinator, SC LLR
Phone: (803) 896-5811
TN Yes No 01/01/2009 Mike Maenza, Manager, Standards and Procedures TOSHA
UT Yes No Revision Pending Bill Adams
Phone: (801) 530-6901
VA Yes No Revision Pending Virginia Safety Compliance
VI* Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
VT Yes Yes 11/04/2008 NA
WA Yes No Revision Pending Statewide Compliance Manager
Phone: (360) 902-5507
WY No No NA JD Danni
Phone: (307) 777-7786
Total 23 10    

* Plan covers State and local government employees only.

[Last updated: June 9, 2009]

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