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Federal Program Change Summary Report
Injury and Illness Recordkeeping National Emphasis Program

Federal Directive Number: 09-08 (CPL 02) / 10-02 (CPL 02)
Date of Directive September 30, 2009 / February 19, 2010

This Directive establishes enforcement procedures to inspect the accuracy of the Occupational Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting Requirements for low rate establishments in selected industries.
Adoption Encouraged Intention Required  

to Adopt
Intent To Adopt
Adoption Date
AK Yes No Pending
AZ Yes Yes Pending
CA Yes Yes 11/30/2009
CT* Yes No Pending
HI Yes Yes Pending
IA Yes No Pending
IN Yes Yes Pending
KY Yes Yes Pending
MD Yes Yes Pending
MI Yes Yes Pending
MN Yes No Pending
NC Yes Yes Pending
NJ* Yes No Pending
NM Yes No Pending
NV Yes Yes Pending
NY* Yes No Pending
OR Yes No Pending
PR Yes No 01/04/2010
SC Yes No Pending
TN Yes Yes 11/01/2009
UT Yes Yes Pending
VA Yes Yes Pending
VI* Yes Yes Pending
VT Yes Yes Pending
WA Yes No Pending
WY Yes No Pending
Total1 26 14  

1State Notice of Intent:
26 States adopting

Note: The Illinois Public Employee Only State Plan is not yet operational.

* Plan covers State and local government employees only.

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