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Federal Directive Number: 08-03 (CPL 02) / 08-07 (CPL 02) Revision
Date of Directive May 19, 2008 / November 5, 2008

This Notice implements OSHA's Site-Specific Targeting 2008* (SST-08) inspection plan, and replaces the May 14, 2007 Notice that implemented OSHA's Site-Specific Targeting 2007 (SST-07) inspection plan. This program does not include construction worksites.

Equivalency Required
Intention Required
*Replaced by Site-Specific Targeting 2009 (SST-09), issued 7/20/2009, State Responses due January 20, 2010.

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   URL or Contact
AK No NA NA SST-06 (CPL 02) Site Specific Targeting - deletions and deferrals [97 KB PDF, 3 pages]. AKOSH Program Directive 06-13, (2006, June 15).
AK-OSH High Hazards Targeting (HHT) Inspection Plan [45 KB PDF, 1 page]. AKOSH Program Directive 03-01, (2002, September 26).
AZ No NA NA Bill Wright, 602-542-5795
CA No NA NA High Hazard Compliance Unit. CalOSHA, Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), (2009).
Process Safety Management [260 KB PDF, 19 pages]. CalOSHA, Division of Occupational Safety and Health Policy and Procedures Manual, (2007, May 19).
Labor Enforcement Task Force. CalOSHA, (2009).
CT* No NA NA Public Sector Only
HI No NA NA Field Operations Manual (FOM). Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health, (2009).
IA Yes No 06/10/2008 IOSH Administrator, 515-281-3469
IN Yes Yes Revision Pending NA
KY No NA NA Michael L. Dixon, Executive Director of OSH, mike.dixon@ky.gov
MD Yes No 10/01/2008 Site Specific Targeting FFY 2009. Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH), MOSH Instruction 08-084, (2008, August 25).
MI No NA NA Martha Yoder, Deputy Director, 517-322-1817
MN No NA NA Email, 651-284-5050
NC Yes Yes 06/03/2008 NA
NJ* No NA NA Public Sector Only
NM No NA NA Chapter II: Compliance Programming [76 KB PDF, 20 pages]. New Mexico OHSB Field Operations Manual, (1997, February).
NV No NA NA Resty Malicdem, 702-486-9045
NY* No NA NA Public Sector Only
OR No NA NA Inspection Criteria: Scheduling Lists for Safety and Health Inspections [32 KB PDF, 11 pages]. Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division, Program Directive A-244, (2006, October 1).
PR No NA NA Jason Ellick, 340-772-1315
SC No NA NA Gwen Thomas, OSHA Technical Support Coordinator - SC LLR, (803) 896-5811
TN Yes Yes 12/01/2008 NA
UT No NA NA Bill Adams, 801-530-6897
VA No NA NA Email
VI* No NA NA Public Sector Only
VT Yes Yes 10/01/2008 NA
WA No NA NA Programmed Inspection and Visit Activities [166 KB PDF, 5 pages]. WISHA Services Department of Labor and Industries, WISHA Regional Directive 2.10, (2001, May 2).
WY No NA NA JD Danni, Program Manager, 307-777-7786
Total 6 4    

* Plan covers State and local government employees only.

[Last updated: January 21, 2009]

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